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People born under the sign of Cancer, are very vulnerable

Moon - patroness of those born under the sign of Cancer. They are dreamy romance, turning moments in calculating pragmatists.

Their distinguishing feature - a frequent change of mood.

People of this sign is characterized by a profound decency, but crayfish motives are not always clear to others.

Because of this, there may be a misunderstanding in communication with friends and family.

For a child born under the "Look closely," the moon,it is important that the house had no quarrels, scandals and clarify the relationship. He is vulnerable, and the traces left by the problems in the house, can linger in the memory forever. For baby star sign Cancer is important a complete family and the love of both parents. Questions like "Who do you love more - mom or dad" able to drive to a standstill. Children Cancers deliver little trouble with the behavior, but they often get sick - and here the parents will not be easy.

Students of this zodiac sign do better bythe disciplines that teach your favorite teacher. The lack of psychological contact with the teacher is able to ward off cancer forever on the subject - for example, literature or geography that this teacher is. At teen-Cancer has many friends. To him stretch peers, because the Moon endows his players a rare capacity for empathy - the ability to enjoy and experience, not only because of the events of his life, but also "for the company" with someone.

Adult Cancers are fairly constant. By selecting one profession, they are not quick, but persistently climb the career ladder. Give your heart a long time will be tied to the favorite, even if they do not reciprocate. Luna gives the sign of the zodiac Cancer anxious, large, forgiving heart, but in the horoscope there are negative aspects - on the ways of man are born under this sign, will meet a lot of people who want to exploit the situation.

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