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People born under the sign of the zodiac Cancer are very vulnerable</a>

The moon is the patroness of those who were born under the sign of the zodiac Cancer. They are dreamy romantics, at moments turning into calculating pragmatists.

Their distinctive feature is the frequent change of mood.

The people of this sign are characterized by deep decency, but the motives of the Crayfish are not always clear to others.

Because of this, there may be misunderstandings in communicating with friends and family.

For a child born under the "eye" of the moon,It is very important that there are no quarrels, scandals and clarification of relations in the house. He is injured, and the traces left by problems in the house can linger in the memory forever. A full family and the love of both parents are important to the baby for the sign of the zodiac Cancer. Questions like "whom do you love more - mom or dad" are able to drive to a dead end. Children-Cancers do not cause much trouble with behavior, but they often get sick, and it's not easy for parents to have it.

Schoolchildren of this sign of the zodiac are better able toThe disciplines taught by your favorite teachers. Lack of psychological contact with the teacher can forever turn Cancer away from the subject - for example, literature or geography, which this teacher leads. The teen-Cancer has many friends. Peers are attracted to him, because the Moon gives his wards a rare ability to empathy - the ability to rejoice or experience not only because of the events of his life, but also "for the company" with someone.

Adults Cancers are quite constant. Choosing once a profession, they are slow, but persistently climb the career ladder. Having given their heart, they will be tied to their loved ones for a long time, even if they do not reciprocate. The moon gives the sign of the zodiac Cancer is a trembling, big, forgiving heart, but in the horoscope there are negative aspects - on the way of the person born under this sign, there will be many people who want to take advantage of the situation.

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