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The child of the sign of the zodiac Leo makes so many friends that it's time for the resentment of parents</a>

People born under the sign of the zodiac Leo - literally the children of the Sun.

The Celestial Star is their patron, endowed with healthy optimism, nobility and a strong character.

The sign is characterized by a desire to be in the center of attention.

And since the Lions are favorites not only of the Sun, but also of numerous friends, it turns out perfectly well.

In childhood little Lions do not tolerate loneliness. If parents need to leave the house for at least 5 minutes, leaving a child born under this sign of the zodiac, one house, do not doubt - there will be a lot of roaring. To the father and mother it is necessary to provide in advance such places of rest where it is possible to go with the kid: otherwise they are waited by eyes, full pleas, and if it does not heed - deep children's insult.

Years to the 10th child of the zodiac sign Leo windsSo many friends that it's time for the resentment of the parents: he is not dragged to the dacha, and joint trips to the cinema, theater, excursions on a day off, he will be under a plausible pretext successfully skipped. It's simple: a teenager-Leo just has no time. At this very time, at least two meetings are planned, not to go to, because in both cases he gave the floor.

Growing up, sign people remain optimistic. That's just more often begin to justify their own sometimes somewhat selfish behavior by the best altruistic motives. In general, the zodiac makes Lviv "lucky". They easily build a career, are wealthy or, at least, do not suffer. In love, young Lions are more like "donors." Over the years, life teaches and gives. Those who are born under this sign of the zodiac differ enviable health. They live to a very old age, remaining until the last days of "sunny" daughters of fortune.

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