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Baby sign Leo gets so many friends, it's time for the appearance of resentment from parents

People born under the sign of Leo - in the truest sense of the Sun Children.

The light of heaven is their patron, to bestow a healthy optimism, generosity and strength of character.

To sign characterized by the desire to be the center of attention.

And as Lions - pets not only the sun, but also many friends, it turns out perfectly.

As a child, the little Lions can not tolerate loneliness. If parents need at least 5 minutes to get out of the house, leaving the child born under this sign of the zodiac, one house, no doubt - will be a lot of roar. Dad and mom should foresee such a place of rest, where you can go with the baby: otherwise they expect eyes full of pleading, and if she did not heed - deep hurt children.

By the age of 10 a child Leo Turnsso many friends, it's time for the appearance of resentment from parents: it does not drag to the country, and joint trips to the cinema, the theater, on a day trip, he will be under the pretext successfully skimp. It's simple: a teenager Leo-just once. He at this time is planned at least two meetings, not to go on that can not be, because in both cases, he had given his word.

Growing up, people remain optimistic sign. That's just more and more begin to justify their own selfish behavior sometimes several best altruistic motives. In general, the zodiac does Lions "lucky to". They easily build a career, wealthy, or at least, not in poverty. In love young lions rather "donors." Over the years, life teaches us to give. Those born under this sign of the zodiac differ enviable health. They live to a ripe old age, staying until the last days "the sun" the darling of fortune.

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