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Career those born under the sign of Virgo are often built slowly

Two planets zodiac circle - VenusMercury is taken under the protection of two characters: Venus vigilantly monitors the Taurus and Libra, Mercury - for Gemini and Virgo. For the last - the most closely.

But not because people born under this sign, deliver a lot of trouble - just the opposite.

But that's how the world: Mercury in Virgo where as severe.

As a child of the Virgin have good obedience. This little pedantic, holy worshipers of rules - whether the rules or regulations, wound at home. Kids sign as anyone needs clearly drawn up and strictly observe the regime of the day. Any deviation from the schedule can bring a child-Virgin down, to the point that he will feel tired, frustrated and may even get sick.

At school age children prefer to be the Virginamong adults, they spend a lot of time alone, are able to occupy themselves games, but the favorite leisure Dev - reading. The priority of the travel books, scientific discoveries, informative literature. This does not mean that the zodiac sign cheated friends. Their little, but they are.

Virgo teenager chooses his hobbiesanything approximate to the exact sciences or natural sciences. No sign of the zodiac are not revealed to the world as chemists and biologists, like this one. The makings of a future profession in Virgins disclosed in adolescence.

Career those born under the sign of Virgo,often builds slowly. They do not know how to dissemble, economize, intrigue. Never will not go over the heads. So they work hard, waiting for their "happy hour". Sometimes this hour is coming quite early - in 25-30 years. Sometimes - not come at all. But this does not mean that the mark representatives will suffer from the fact that their boss does not notice - even as the notes, realizing that without such enthusiastic and dedicated staff will have hard times. So he does not want to let go of yourself, the more - to another career step.

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