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The career of those who are born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo is often built slowly</a>

Two planets of the zodiac circle - Venus andMercury took under the protection of two signs: Venus vigilantly watches Taurus and Libra, Mercury - for the Twins and the Virgin. For the last - most carefully.

But not because people born under this sign, cause a lot of trouble - quite the contrary.

But this is the way the world works: to the Virgins Mercury is much stricter.

In childhood, Virgo is distinguished by good obedience. These are little pedants, holy-revered rules - be they the rules of the game or the rules that are introduced at home. Toddlers of the sign as nobody needs a well-designed and strictly observed regime of the day. Any deviation from the schedule can disable the Virgo child, up to the point that he will feel tired, broken and may even get sick.

At school age, Virgo children prefer to beAmong adults, spend a lot of time alone, know how to play games, but Dev's favorite leisure is reading. In the priority of the book on travel, scientific discoveries, cognitive literature. This does not mean that the zodiac deprived the sign of friends. There are not many of them, but they are.

Virgo-teenager chooses for their hobbiesSomething approximate to exact sciences or natural science. No sign of the zodiac has shown the world so many chemists and biologists like this. The makings of the future profession in Virgo are revealed as early as adolescence.

Career of those who are born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo,Often built slowly. They do not know how to hypocrisy, guess, build intrigues. They will never walk on their heads. So they work hard, waiting for their "happy hour". Sometimes this hour comes early enough - at 25-30 years. Sometimes - does not come at all. But this does not mean that the representatives of the sign will suffer from the fact that the authorities do not notice them, - even as he remarks, realizing that without such enthusiastic and devoted employees it will be hard. So he does not want to let go of himself, especially - to another career step.

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