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Gemini - the sign of the zodiac running Mercury.

Above average height, lungs, swift - beThen the movement or pace of speech, insanely loving to travel and learn everything new. And they are bright organizers and instigators of all kinds of meetings and parties.

Such they, people, born in the end of May - the first two decades of June.

The child of the zodiac sign Gemini from early childhoodIs in a state of hyperactivity. Even lying in bed, he knits so fast that they have to be held. By the age of three no peer knows as many tales, poems and songs as the little "Gemini". Children of this sign of the zodiac are not clingy, they are friendly and sociable even with strangers.

In school, the parents of Gemini boys haveUnbearably: offspring are more likely than others to blame for all kinds of zavarushki. The fact is that Mercury gives good organizational skills. And to be naughty in the company is much more interesting than alone - which is what Gemini uses. Gemini girls at this age are more occupied with books. They read by drinking, because of which their eyesight may deteriorate early. In addition to reading the girl this sign of the zodiac is very fond of sightseeing trips, to plan and carry out trips to interesting places.

As a rule, by the age of 15-17 Gemini is clearlyUnderstand who they want to become. They often choose the careers of doctors or scientists. But closer to the age of 30, it may be unexpected for all to radically change their profession. Then they prefer journalism or work, where they have to talk a lot, for example, become guides-translators.

People born under the sign of the zodiac Gemini,Rarely lose their heads and fall in love without memory. Their choice is more of the mind than the heart. Marry and get married, thinking many times, weighing all the pros and cons. And this, perhaps, breaks the pattern of perception of oneself by others.

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