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Gemini - zodiac sign under the patronage of Mercury

Gemini - zodiac sign Mercury under control.

Above average height, light, swift - whetherthe movement or the rate of speech, madly love to travel and learn new things. And this bright organizers and instigators of all kinds of meetings and parties.

These are people who were born in the end of May - the first two decades of June.

sign Gemini child from an early agein a state of hyperactivity. Even lying in bed, he quickly Sucitu legs that they have to hold. For three years no one peer does not know so much of fairy tales, poems and songs as a little "Twin". Babies of this zodiac sign is not peculiar stiffness, they are friendly and outgoing even to strangers.

At school, the parents have to twin boysunsweetened: offspring more often than others blamed for all sorts of zavarushku. The fact that Mercury brings good organizational skills. A romp in the company is much more interesting than alone - which is used by the Twins. Twin girls in this age group more interested in books. They read voraciously, because of what they may soon deteriorate vision. In addition to reading the girls of this zodiac sign are very fond of excursions, plan and execute trips to interesting places.

As a rule, to 15-17 years in the Twins clearlyThey understand who want to become. They often choose careers doctors or employees of science. But closer to the age of 30 are all of a sudden change radically profession. Then prefer journalism or work where the line of duty have a lot to say, for example, become the guides-interpreters.

People born under the sign of Gemini,rarely lose my head and fall unconscious. Their selection is more reason than heart. Marry and are married, many times thinking, weighing all the "pros" and "cons". And this, perhaps, break the pattern of perception itself around.

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