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"Zenith" became the champion of Russia in advance: as pointed out victory

"Zenith" became the champion of Russia in advance: as pointed out victory

May 17, 2015 St. Petersburg "Zenith" for the fourth time became the champion of Russia.

At this time, early even for two rounds before the end of the championship after a draw match (1: 1) with "Ufa".

In this competition the first goal on 32 minutes, scored the Hulk, and then - from the "Ufa", at 87 minutes Haris Handžić equalized.

St. Petersburg's authorities to prepare forpossible unrest, when the match was still going on, about 10 minutes to the end, along the field to the fans of the sector have fled the internal troops. Although no evidence of atrocities have not been in the stands, the soldiers blocked the fans out on the field on both sides.

However, when it became clear that the "Zenith" - the champion,supporters of teams still indulge in elation. Fans ran on the pitch, some players have tried to hug and shouted. One fan managed to slap a hand in greeting Oleg Shatov, then a man tied up the police. Another fan guards of the order had knit four, twice.

Celebrate the victory of "Zenith" in the championshipRussian Premier League football on a large scale will be at the end of the last round. It was then that team will be awarded the Cup, "Gold" t-shirts, etc. But on Sunday, May 17, all still had a lot of champagne and sincere joy.

Witzel repeatedly pulled the scarf with the inscription"Champion-2014/15", the wife of Hulk and his two children ran out on the field in T-shirts with pictures of Brazilian striker. They danced along with the players and drove in front of the stands orange ball.

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk - he organized a team toplayers "Zenith" rocked Villas-Boas. Rondon jumped back into Smolnikova yremya organized procession of players around the stadium. From the stands threw all sorts of things the team "Zenith" - the winner. Lodygin in response to the fans threw the gauntlet.

Then Tymoshchuk, already in the locker room openedchampagne and doused with foam Kerzhakov Anyukovym. Malafeev revenge on someone - he poured champagne on his head and a T-shirt. All were happy and laughing, to another - again, "Zenith" - the champion, but still dostrochno!

Hulk, Danny, Criscito Witzel and danced, andItalian - on the table. A few minutes later a huge blue table was sticky from the sweet alcohol. Hulk said on camera that he felt the sweet taste of victory. But just all spoke Shatov: "Well, that" Zenith "became the champion for two rounds before the end. In fact, we have been this year, the strongest of all and could win even earlier, for 5 or 6 rounds before the end of the championship. "

"Zenith" previously won the Russian ChampionshipFootball in 2007, and in 2010 and the 2011-2012 season. Also football club was champion of the USSR in 1984. The victory in this year's championship Russia has become for André Villas-Boas (Portugal coach) with the first of the St. Petersburg team.

Now FC "Zenith" will play the Super Cup of Russia with the Moscow "Locomotive" and the Krasnodar "Kuban". And next season the team will play in the Champions League.

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