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Self-repair sewerage and water pipe in the bathroom


Plumbing must be repaired in a timely manner</a>

It is desirable for each man to be able to perform independent repairs of the sewerage and water supply in the bathroom.

This requires specific (specific) knowledge in this area.

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Not everyone is a plumber, but we must haveIdea of ​​how to carry out self-repair of sewerage and water supply in the bathroom. Plumbing in the house requires a working condition. To begin with, we will consider issues related to water disposal, and then with water supply. </ H2>

Sewer should work properly

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During the repair (replacement) of pipes that are removedSewage, it is necessary to provide for a slope from the plumbing fixture to the riser (min. 1.5% for polymers and 4% for cast iron, which depends on the roughness of the inner surface of the pipes of these materials). Polymer sewer pipes have excellent characteristics. They have low weight, no susceptibility to electrochemical corrosion, resistant to acids, salts and alkalis. They are easy to work with. Cast iron pipes have very high reliability, but they are rarely used now. In the sewerage system of an apartment (toilet and other rooms) pipes with diameters from 32 to 110 mm are used.

If you need to repair yourself (the assembly), you need to move from the sewer risers to the side of the plumbing fixture, the flares should be installed to meet the flow.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact thatThe required temperature expansion, between the end of the inlet pipe and the base of the bell, it is necessary to leave a gap of about 8-10 mm to ensure safe operation of the sewage system.

Cutting and removing the conical chamfer of plastic pipes must be done by the Bulgarian. The chamfer must be treated with emery, there should be no burrs and unevenness.

Assembling and fitting sewer pipesIt must first be done without cuffs and rubber seals, since pipes with rings (even with grease) are very difficult to connect. Then we put all the seals on our seats, and the drainage system is assembled finally. As a lubricant for rubber seals, silicone, soap solution and glycerin are suitable. When assembling, observe that there is a coincidence of the axes of the pipes to be connected.

When turning the pipe at a right angle,Put two polymer knees at 45 degrees, instead of one at 90 degrees. It is advisable to use oblique tees rather than rectangular tees. After assembling the sewer, it is necessary to securely fix all the pipes. For fastening (for example, for the riser), the standard clamps will suit perfectly. </ H2>

Water pipes

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For repair (it can be a bathroom, a bathroom), it is necessary to use the routing of pipes made of polymers, metal-plastic and copper.
Consider the repair with the installation of the mixer. For this, two single threaded couplings or a special kit can be used. Fittings should be located on the same line horizontally. The direct installation site (for example, a bath) is determined by the type of mixer, the seams of the wall tiles. It is necessary to comply with the condition that the flexible hoses of the mixer reach the threaded couplings.

As for the repair of the waste tank,It is necessary to supply cold water about 20 cm from the floor. The place of water sampling should be slightly away from its edge, to have free access, here it is necessary to install a tap and mount the filler hose.

Arranging the cold and hot water outlets forWashbasin, you need to compactly install them, and then close in a specially prepared place or bedside table. The lead-out ends are made a few centimeters above the sewer pipe, at a distance of about 100 mm between each other. It is necessary to carry out fitting with the siphon mounted on the washbasin and the assembled mixer.

For today, plumbing from the subject of the firstNeed to be transformed into one of the interior elements. More and more appreciated convenience and practicality, simple operation and maintenance. This must be taken into account by everyone during the repair. </ H2>

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