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HOW themselves can make a nest for canaries


Socket to most bird species contained in the cells, is one of the most important accessories. Canary in this case is no exception.

Many females make nests on their own, others lay their eggs anywhere in their homes, but most of the owners of these birds have to own tinkering special designs.

You will need

  • - wire
  • - Pieces of paper
  • - the cloth
  • - burlap
  • - threads
  • - a needle
  • - Jars of yogurt or sour cream
  • - Thin twigs
  • - Dry leaves and grass
  • - A small box
  • - hook



Female canaries quite capricious. Sometimes they are for a long time have no interest in the proposed host nests. In this case, you just have to wait, and if the eggs were laid on the bottom of the cage, they have to carefully shift to the right place.


The basis for the nest can be made from thinsticks or wire. This procedure is no different from the usual weave baskets. The material can also be used a thick rope. This procedure is quite laborious and requires certain skills.


As a basis for the nest can be usedany plastic container. For example, take a jar of curd or yoghurt. Stock up a needle and thread. Cut out the blank burlap in a circle and obsheyte cloth prepared container.


If you own technique knitting orhook, then your ability, you can apply for the manufacture of sockets for canaries. The blank in the form of related "caps" simply attach to the wire bent into a ring.


Pay attention to some important points. Jack canaries should be at least 5 cm deep. This will allow the female to feel as comfortable as possible, and it will be able to hide from prying eyes. Also little chicks from such an arrangement can not escape or fall out.


The basis for the nest - is only half the work,which must be done before the slot is ready. You can lay a design pieces of cloth, dry grass or other materials, but in this case, be prepared for the fact that the female necessarily change everything on your own. - Your task is simply to offer a canary "building" materials and nest canary does itself.


After attaching the socket on the bars of the cage, offerfemale several options for thermal insulation material design. This may be a fabric, paper, dry grass or thick thread. Feathers most birds do not remove while. They are also using it for building nests.

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