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How to make a thing with your own hands


The creative hands are beautiful</a>

The desire for creativity makes us freeze in shops next to paints, plasticine, teaching books, new instruments. We brush aside these thoughts - there will be more time, then I'll do it.

Years go by, unrealized desires occasionally float up in the depths of the heart.

But you can not postpone, you just need to get right to the case - and the dream becomes a reality.



Find an illustrated step-by-step descriptionWork. For the first time in accepting a case, it will not be possible to avoid mistakes. Therefore, the description of the process "in three words" does not fit. We need video materials, photos, charts. And as much as possible detailed.


Find out if the necessary materials are available andequipment. Can I buy them right now? Or it is necessary to order somewhere and it is not known how long to wait? Is everything available, as in the description of the work or do we need to look for analogues? Analyze these moments in advance, so that in the process of work not stop because of some small things. Do you always have what you need? Perhaps, in the store there are old remnants, and it is not planned to import more? Will there be an opportunity to continue classes?


Prepare the workplace. Even buying the necessary, there is a danger of not starting work, if there is no convenient place. Take care of light and space. Does it make sense to throw something out of the house if it's on your way to your dream? Analyze what is more expensive for you. If you want, you can always clear the place.


Eliminate distractions. If you have planned time, take care that it does not go to something else. Disable anything that you can turn off. Send home to the circus. Do good to yourself and others. You know what can stop you. Plan these questions wisely.


Do what is planned. Some things can not be completed in one go. It is important that the manufacturing process does not stretch to infinity.

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