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How to take photos with music

How to take photos with music

Capture fond memories? It is half the battle.

But to view photos while listening to exactly the selected music? it's just an exciting spectacle.

You will need

  • Sony Vegas software



To take photos with music,You can use a simple program with which to work easily and comfortably. It is called? Sony Vegas ?. Run the program. In the window that can be seen a lot of different functions and devices. At first glance it may seem that amidst all this is very difficult to understand. But actually it is not.


We find the path in the window forvideo editing. And places to your pictures. The more pictures, the lower should be the time the transition from one image to another. On average it takes 3? 5 second. Base transition looks like a smooth flow of one picture to another. But you can choose from the suggestions. Different geometrical and physical transitions significantly diversify track effects, and will cause great interest of viewers.


When a photo is finished, turn tomusic. To do this, move the track to the desired band audio editing. It is located immediately below the band for video editing. You can open multiple audio editing tracks. One will be cutting and removal of the material, on the other would be to create a separate track, which can vary depending on the mood of the photos. Also available to customize Sound, overflowing from one tune to another and so on. Features of the program are limited only by your imagination.

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