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How to make your photo clearer


How to make your photo clearer</a>

Sometimes it happens that only the fact that it turned out to be too dark and fuzzy is spoiled by a photograph that is successful in composition.

However, this photo can be saved - with the help of Adobe Photoshop you can learn to increase the clarity and brightness of the photo, making it more beautiful and beautiful.

After training, you can adjust the brightness and clarity of any photos in a few minutes.



Open the Photo In Photoshop and on the Edit menu, select the Color sectionBalance. After checking Shadows, set the color levels: -9, -5, -2. Then tick the Midtones checkbox and set the values ​​to -15, -4, +13. In the Edit menu, open the Hue Saturation section and, selecting the Master option, set the values ​​from the top down: 0, -31, 0.


Open the Curves window andSet the Input 89, Output 174. Open the Levels window and set the Input Levels: 12, 0.87, 255. Go to the New Adjustment Layer & gt-Selective Color menu.


Correct the Cyan section: Set the value 0% everywhere, and reduce the black value to -100%. Create a new layer and paint the sky in the photo in blue in the Soft Light blending mode, with 50% transparency and Flow 50%.


Then select the yellow color and paint the grass, then select Yellows in the Selective Color and set the values ​​to zero, and in the Black section, set the value to -28%.


Open the Filter menu and select the Unsharp option.Mask. Set Amount to 25, and the radius is 1 pixel. Open the Curves window and set the values: Input 117, Output 139. Open the filter menu again and select the Surface Blur option.


Adjust the blur of the surface with a radius of 5Pixels and a threshold value of 10 pixels. After processing, the photo becomes clearer and brighter, and you can use it on a par with other photos in the album of your photos.

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