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How to make the photo more clear

How to make a picture clearer

Sometimes it happens that a successful composition for the photo spoil just what it turned out too dark and fuzzy.

However, this picture can be saved - with the help of Adobe Photoshop, you can learn how to improve the clarity and brightness of the picture, making it better and more beautiful.

After working out, you can adjust the brightness and clarity of any photos in minutes.



Open photo in Photoshop and on the Edit menu, choose the ColorBalance. By putting a check on the item Shadows, set the values ​​of the color levels: -9, -5, -2. Then tick the point Midtones and set the value -15, -4, 13. From the Edit menu, then click the section Hue Saturation and by Master option, set the values ​​from top to bottom: 0, -31, 0.


Open the settings window curves (Curves) and89, set the Input, Output 174. Call window levels (Levels) and set values ​​Input Levels: 12, 0.87, 255. Go to New Adjustment Layer & gt-Selective Color.


Correct section Cyan: set all to 0% and the value of black reduce to 100%. Create a new layer and fill the sky in the picture in blue in the Soft Light blending mode, opacity 50% and 50% Flow.


Then select the yellow color and paint over the grass, and then in the Selective Color Yellows select and set the value to zero, and set the value of -28% in the section Black.


Open the Filter menu and select Unsharp optionMask. Set the Amount of 25, and a radius equal to 1 pixel. Open the Curves window and set the values: Input 117, Output 139. Re-open the Filter menu and select the Surface Blur.


Adjust the blur surface with a radius of 5and threshold pixels 10 pixels. After processing the picture becomes clearer and brighter, and you can use it along with other photos in the album of his photographs.

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