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What to wash a laminate and a parquet board?


Than to wash a laminate and a parquet board?</a>

Laminate and parquet are some of the most popular flooring today.

The first is quite practical material, which, in addition, in design is similar to either a wooden or tiled floor. The second choice is for lovers of everything natural.

After all, parquet is considered the most environmentally friendly material.

But, despite their practicality and environmental friendliness, there are a number of nuances that must be taken into account when cleaning.

To wash floors from laminate or parquet should beTo approach with special care and attention. After all, it's enough to use the wrong method of washing or to apply the wrong means, as the appearance of the floor becomes irretrievably spoiled.

Parquet washing: features

Proper washing for the parquet is archival. It can not be thoughtlessly damped - it will crack and dry up. If you use an aggressive detergent for washing, it will crumble and scratch.

Experts argue that if you use only three specific means, the parquet floor will look perfect. The list includes:
- a felt rag and a soft brush-
- a soft (non-aggressive) cleaner for washing parquet-
- an electro-cavity.

All this today is in the public domain in ordinary stores. And it's not so expensive - repairing the damaged floor will obviously cost much more.

It should be borne in mind that the parquet board, in contrastFrom the parquet itself, is not varnished. On the one hand, it's easier, because Do not require any special means to care for the varnish. On the other hand, this material suffers very much from moisture.

Wash the floorboard only with warm or cold water. Hot leads to swelling of the material. But do not try to wash the floor for a long time. Prolonged exposure to moisture deforms the coating.

Previously, the method of washing the floors was used, when water was poured onto the coating first, and then the floor was wiped dry. This method is totally inapplicable to parquet.

Washing the floor from a parquet board is often not worth it,It is enough ordinary easy wet cleaning. To do this, use a well-wrung out soft cloth. You can add water and detergent, but only what is intended for parquet. It is softer and great for washing wood.

Refresh the coating after washing with a special mastic, which will give the parquet board smoothness and shine. Alternatively, you can grate the floor with an electro-polisher and polish with felt cloth.

Laminate: Features of cleaning

It is very easy to remove laminate floors - with thisIt is unlikely that anyone will argue. However, few people think about how to properly wash such a floor. After all, if you use the wrong methods or tools, you can see that the coating quickly wiped, worn and starts to squeak.

Today in stores you can find a hugeAmount of funds intended for cleaning the laminate. On all of them there is a special notation. It is thanks to them that it is easy to remove traces of grease, dirt, markers, etc. from the floor surface.

If spots appear on the laminate, apply themCleaning agent (as correctly read this in the instructions for the product) and soak for a few minutes. Then, remove the stain with the product with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

You can wash the laminate floor with a soft rag. The only thing you need to watch is that it is not too wet. After all, even if the coating itself is moisture-resistant, water, getting into the joints, can lead to irreversible changes.

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