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WHAT wash laminate and parquet board?

The wash laminate and parquet board?

Laminate and parquet - one of today's most popular floor coverings.

The first is quite practical material, which, in addition, the design is similar to a wood or on a tiled floor. Second choosing lovers of all natural.

After all, it is considered the most environmentally friendly flooring material.

However, despite their practicality and environmental friendliness, there are a number of nuances that must be considered when cleaning.

To wash floors with laminate or parquet to beapproached with the utmost care and attention. It is sufficient to use the wrong cleaning method or the means used are not like the appearance of the floor becomes irretrievably broken.

Washing of flooring: Features

Proper cleaning parquet paramount. After all, it can not be thoughtlessly wet - it will crack and rassohnetsya. If you use an aggressive cleanser - it is warped and scratched.

Experts say if you use all three of certain funds, parquet flooring will look perfect. The list includes:
- A felt cloth and mild schetka-
- Soft (non-aggressive) cleaner parketa-
- Electric floor-polisher.

All this has now publicly available in retail stores. And the cost is not too expensive - repair damaged floor obviously cost much more.

Note that the flooring, in contrastfrom the flooring, not varnished. On the one hand, it is easier, because It does not require any special tools for maintenance of lacquer. On the other - from moisture such material is very severely affected.

Wash floorboard only warm or cold water. Hot leads to swelling of the material. But it does not pan out, try the floor for a long time, because prolonged exposure to moisture deforms the coating.

Previously circulated floor cleaning method, when a pre-poured water to cover, and then wiped the floor dry. For parquet, this method can not be applied strictly.

Wash the floor of the floorboard is often not necessary,enough conventional wet cleaning easy. To do this, use a well-wrung soft cloth. You can add water and detergent, but only what is specifically designed for parquet. It is softer and great for cleaning wood.

Reload coating after washing can be with a special postmark, which will give the floorboard smoothness and shine. Alternatively, you can rub the floor electric floor-polisher and felt polishing cloth.

Laminate: cleaning features

To clean laminate flooring is very easy - with thisapproval is unlikely that anyone will argue. However, hardly anyone thinks, and how correctly you need to wash a floor. After all, if we use the wrong methods or means, it can be seen that the coating quickly wiped out, worn out and starts to creak.

Today, we can find enormous storesthe amount of funds intended for cleaning laminate flooring. In all of them there is a special mark. It is because they can be easily removed from the surface of sex traces of grease, dirt, markers, etc.

If the laminate is stained, apply acleaning composition (how to do this read in the instructions to the facility) and soak a few minutes. Then remove the stain with a means of soft, slightly damp cloth.

Wash your laminate floor can be with a soft cloth. The only thing you need to make sure that it was not too wet. Even if the coating itself is water-resistant, water is getting into the joints can lead to irreversible changes.

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