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Why pay abroad?


How to pay abroad?</a>

When going abroad, decide how to pay for purchases and services in advance.

You can do this in several ways: with the help of bank cards, cash in cash and cash checks.

Each method of payment has its pros and cons. The most popular way of payment in most countries is with the help of a bank card. It is more convenient if it is multicurrency. If the card account is not in euros, dollars or rubles, the conversion is at a favorable rate. This is more attractive than an exchange of cash. And if the card is lost, the money on it will not be lost, it is only to call the bank and block it. Specialists can offer a replacement card and issue a limited amount in cash, but this service is paid.

For withdrawing cash on a credit card, the bank takes a commission. In case of technical malfunctions, better make several cards in different banks, so you will always be solvent.

Exchange of rubles into currency is easier before departure, having foundMost profitable course. True, this applies to dollars and euros. Another currency in Russian banks is sold at an attractive rate very rarely. In this case, take the dollars with you safely, and exchange them on the spot.

You can pay cash anywhere, this isAn undoubted plus of this method of payment. And, having bought a currency in advance, you do not depend on fluctuations in its rate. But to carry money with them or keep them at the hotel is unsafe.

Traveler's checks can be purchased at officesLarge banks. They guarantee a certain amount in currency. This document is reliable, since it is not valid without the signature of the owner, and if lost, it is restored for free within 24 hours. Checks are not accepted everywhere, when buying and exchanging for cash, a small commission is taken. This method is convenient for large purchases.

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