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The more open the xls file

XLS is a popular storage formatspreadsheets. Initially implemented in Microsoft Excel, the expansion has become popular for storing computer data as well as mobile devices.

Open format possible applications offering different functionality and editing capabilities.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an application thatIt works with the XLS format. Starting with Office 2007, users became available advanced form of extension XLSX, XLS format based on job opportunities with XML-files. The implementation of this approach has opened a number of new features for editing files, including the development of an improved design of tables and advanced storage system.
Microsoft Excel is a classic application for editing and XLS supports all operations create formulas, macros, display options, sorting modes, printing, etc.

LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc is freealternative to Microsoft Excel. The software offers many options and solutions for creating databases in XLS format, and XLSX. The program has a wide range of options and allows you to edit documents in its own ODF format. Especially popular is the application on the Linux platform, that has not yet been established full-fledged editor from Microsoft. However, Calc implements full support for an extended and allows most of the operations that are available in Excel.

Excel Viewer

Excel Viewer is an alternative versionview XLS files with a reduced when compared with Microsoft Excel functionality. The program is free and gives you the ability to not only view the desired document, and make some changes in it. The app does not work with XLS and XLSX files in full, which means that the program is suitable for people who are in their work rarely faced with this format.
Among the alternative programs for reading XLS can be noted Soft Maker Office 2012, Ashampoo Office, OpenOffice.org, Corel WordPerfect Office X4.

Opening on mobile platforms

For tablets and mobile phones on platformsAndroid and iOS, there are also programs that allow you to edit XLS and XLSX. Among them are the Kingston Office, which is a multi-platform office suite. An alternative program for viewing XLS files can be Quick Office. These applications are available in iTunes and Play Market respectively. Program allows you to quickly edit the desired document using the supported formulas and formatting tools.
For tablets and phones on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms, there are built-in from Microsoft, allows you to edit office files.

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