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How do you know your zip code

How do you know your zip code

What is your zip code? This is the character set that when you send a letter is added to the mailing address.

We need it for sorting mail items is quick and easy. In Russia, zip code consists of six digits.

The first three represent the area code, the last - the number of the post office.

In large cities (such as Moscow) can be several area codes.



Incorrectly written code can lead toBesides, your letter will be sent to the far right? it is first to make a trip to the post office, a code which you have indicated on the error? and only then it will be forwarded to the destination. Therefore postcodes better to write without errors. But how do you know the code of the post office to which the? Assigned? Your destination?


First, you can learn the code in anyRussian Post office. Just name the city and the name (sometimes it may be necessary and house number). mail Employees consult the directory containing the data on the coverage of all Russian post offices and call your desired index.


If you? Friends? with search engines? then go to the post office is not required. Upon request? Russian Federation? or? the city indexes of N? You can immediately find the resources to find required. This information is not classified and is available free absolutely legally.


To search the database you are interested in the index,first select a city, then tap the street. It happens that the house on the same street are served by different post offices. In this case, the site states, they are divided on what basis. Select the desired? and feel free to write on the envelope the index, already can not go wrong!

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