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How to find a home phone


How to find a home phone</a>

At a time when almost everyone is using cellular communication, ordinary phones are undeservedly forgotten.

Everyone is talking on the go, and before that it was so nice to sit on the couch, pick up the stationary tube and talk calmly about the affairs, tell, not hurrying up, about plans and hopes.

You will need

  • Phone
  • the Internet
  • Phonebook



In order to know the number of stationaryPhone, you need to know the address by which this number is set, as well as the name and the name of the person to whom this number is registered. If you have this information, then you can call the city help desk of your city and make a request to the number. After the operator receives the address and the name of the person, the phone number will be dictated to you.


You can also try to find out the number inOnline directories of your city. To do this, you need to go online and find city information guides. They usually have a form for filling, which includes the address and surname of the person. Thus, by entering the data into the form, you can get the phone number of this address.


Another way is to download thePhone directory on your computer. After the archive file has been downloaded, you need to unpack it, install the program and look inside the directory.

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