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How do you know your home phone

How do you know your home phone

At a time when virtually all use cell phones, regular phones undeservedly forgotten.

All the talk on the move, but before it was so nice to sit on the couch, pick up the phone and talk to a fixed calmly on the cases tell us, slowly, plans and hopes.

You will need

  • Phone
  • the Internet
  • Phonebook



To find out landline numbersphone, you need to know the address where the number is set, as well as the surname and name of the person to whom the registered number. If you have this information, you can call the city your city and help make the request to. Once the operator receives data address and name of the person, the telephone number will be dictated by you.


You can also try to find a room inonline directory of your city. To do this, go to the Internet and find a city information guides. They usually have a form to fill out, including the address and name of the person. Thus, entering data into a form, you can get the phone number of the address.


Another way - a download of the citytelephone directory on your computer. Once the archive file is downloaded, it is necessary to unpack, install and seek is already within the directory.

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