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How do you know your computer graphics card

How do I find a computer video card

If you need to update the drivers for your video card or see whether it makes sense to buy any new game with high system requirements, you should know the model of your video card.

Learn it's very simple.

You will need

  • ? a computer
  • ? Windows operating system



On the menu? Start? select? Run ?? or use the keyboard shortcuts Winkey + R.

This opens an input field teams. Enter the command «dxdiag» and press Enter. If at this stage, the system will ask you to check whether the driver for compliance with WHQL, click? No ?.


DirectX Diagnostic Tool window opens,information about the system and multimedia capabilities. Go to the tab? Display ?. In block? Device? you will see the description of your graphics card: name, manufacturer, type of chips and so forth. This will be enough to describe the model of your video card. For example, NVidia GeForce 8500GT with 512MB of memory.

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