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How to know the year of release of a laptop


How to know the year of release of a laptop</a>

Often, users of a personal computer have issues related to the year of release of the device.

As a rule, all such data is printed in documents from the computer or on the packaging.

You will need

  • - a laptop-
  • - the Internet-
  • - documents from the computer.



Inspect the laptop packaging carefully. Each laptop is sold in a special package from the manufacturer, which often indicates the year of manufacture, or Manufactured Year. Typically, such data is always printed on the front. Also it is worth considering that all information can be contained on a special label attached.


Look for a combination of symbols with the code on the packageMFG. Usually this parameter specifies two digits of the year of manufacture of the product and two digits with the month of issue number. That is, if you have specified MFG: 0912, then your laptop is produced in the 12th month of 2009. Look at the documents on the laptop - instructions, warranty card and others. Some manufacturers specify the date of manufacture in the documentation.


Go into the BIOS of the laptop. To do this, press immediately after turning on the laptop F2, Del or Esc on the keyboard (depending on the model). The BIOS version is often indicated with the year of release. Or download the default settings - the date that the program will restore, indicates the release date of the laptop.


Contact the manufacturer's service center. Many service centers by serial number or product number can tell you the year of release of the laptop. Meet on the market in an ordinary hardware store, the old model of the laptop is quite difficult. Immediately after the release of new models, the old ones are withdrawn from production and gradually go out of sale. It has its own minus - once it has been liked, a successful model of technology can not be bought with time.


Also you can see the relevant informationOn the Internet to find out the approximate production date. Specialized software that allows you to find out the year of release of the laptop does not exist.

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