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How to know the number of processors


How to know the number of processors</a>

Dozens of modern processors for desktop computers, if not hundreds of models.

So it's pretty easy to get lost among the variety of processors.

If you do not have the opportunity to pull the processor out of the system unit and see its marking, there are several ways to know the number of cores and other characteristics.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Administrator rights.



Take the documentation from the computer. Suit warranty card or instruction - any document where there is a complete list of computer components. Look for the item where the processor is written. If the processor is AMD, then its number of cores is judged by the combination of the symbol X and the number. For example, X2 means that the processor is dual-core. If Intel's processor, then the number of cores says the words Core 2 Duo, Dual (dual-core), Quad (quad), and also the number after the letter i.


Go to the motherboard BIOS, in theStandard CMOS Features or Advanced BIOS Features (depending on BIOS version). It shows the processor model, its frequency, cache size and so on. You can fully view all the information of interest in this system.


Run the DirectX utility ("Start" - & gt-"Run" - & gt- dxdiag - & gt- press Enter). On the main tab of the program in the corresponding line the full name of the processor will be indicated. Go to the "Device Manager". Find the item related to the processor in the list of accessories and open the inscription. The number of cores of the processor corresponds to the number of lines with its name.


Start Device Manager (right-clickMouse on the "Taskbar" - & gt- start "Task Manager"). On the "Performance" tab, count the number of identical fields - it will indicate the number of processor cores. The processor is the central link of the computer. The characteristics of the processor are important indicators of the speed of the entire computer. However, it is worth considering that the computer consists of a whole set of components, and all of them affect its performance, so you can not say that the processor is the most important part of the computer.

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