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How to find out the name of the motherboard


How to find out the name of the motherboard</a>

In order to install the driver on a computer or a separate device, you need to know their names and models.

Each version of the driver is suitable for a particular model.

The motherboard is the main element of the computer as a whole.

It should be approached with all seriousness to the choice of the driver of the motherboard, tk. Installing a driver of a different version entails a limited or total inoperability of this device.

You will need

  • Documentation for the motherboard, Internet, software "Everest".



If your computer was purchased inSpecialized store, the name or model of the motherboard can be found in the "Instructions for use", in simple terms, from the documentation for the motherboard. As a rule, these data are on the first pages. Most of the instructions are in English. If you do not speak this language, you can turn to the Internet, searching for a translation service for foreign texts in the "Online" mode.

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If there is no instruction for the motherboard, thenOpen the side cover of the system unit. Take the screwdriver and unscrew the bolts. It is worth noting that the computer, which is under warranty, should not be disassembled. You can break the seals that indicate to the service technician that the system unit was opened before the end of the warranty period. The motherboard always indicates the type and model of the device. The motherboard is the most extensive perimeter device in the computer. Use a flashlight or other lighting if the visibility of the name is poor.

How to find out the name of the motherboard


When you boot the computer, the screen runs throughConfiguration stitches. One of the first lines will be the name of your motherboard. Also the name of this board can always be found using the BIOS of your computer. In order to enter the BIOS, it is necessary to press the "Delete" button on the keyboard when the computer is booted.

How to find out the name of the motherboard


If all of the above methods do notCome up, you can use the easiest. Install the software from the manufacturer "Everest". This program will not only learn the name and model of your card, but also install all the necessary drivers for the entire computer.

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