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How to go to the hospital beforehand


How to go to the hospital beforehand</a>

Many pregnancies are associated with pregnancy.

One of them concerns a trip to the hospital. Women are especially worried about the first baby.

They often doubt whether to go to the hospital beforehand or wait for the beginning of labor.



There are situations when you go to the hospital in advanceJust necessary. If you do not follow the advice of doctors who offer early hospitalization, you can face serious problems during childbirth. Therefore, if your gynecologist strongly encourages you to go to the hospital, although to give birth to you after another two weeks, it is better not to disregard his advice.


But do not go to extremes. Early antenatal care is not needed for all women. You have to go to the hospital beforehand, if you have planned cesarean section. To reduce the risk of possible complications during and after the operation, you will be prepared for it, will conduct the necessary studies and analyzes. In this case, you need to go to the hospital at about 38 weeks of pregnancy, where you are hospitalized in the Department of Pathology of Pregnancy.


You can send you to the hospital in advance, ifOn the eve of the birth, any complications of pregnancy were identified. These include late toxicosis, manifested in increased blood pressure, the appearance of edema, increased levels of protein in the urine, a violation of the placenta blood flow, fetal lag in development, the threat of premature birth.


Early admission is shown to women, withExacerbated during pregnancies of chronic diseases. In this case, the doctor will be able to observe your condition, the health of the future baby, and plan the birth process. You have to go to the hospital beforehand, if you had an operation on the uterus. At about 38 weeks, doctors should monitor the condition of the scar.


If your pregnancy lasts more than 40Weeks, i. You are replacing the fruit, then you will also be asked to go to the hospital. When pregnancy is overdone, the mother's body, as a rule, does poorly with the provision of vital functions of the fetus, which carries the risk of complications during childbirth. In the department of pathology, you will be examined and prepared, if necessary, for labor.

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