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You clean the carpet

How to clean carpet

Carpets not only decorate the living room, but also insulated floors and walls.

To them over the years do not lose their appearance, you need to take care of them.

What and how you can clean the carpet?

Carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners can be divided into two groups: shampoos and stain removers. Each of them has its own function.
Shampoos are used for carpet cleaning without strongcontamination during routine cleaning of premises. These funds are dissolved in water, according to the recommendations given on the label. The resulting solution was treated carpet with a soft brush cleaner or detergent.
Stain applied in cases whereCarpet has a spot or severe pollution. The easiest options are cleared from synthetic materials because they have a good resistance to chemical attack. To clean the costly carpets should be approached with extreme caution. The hardest thing cleaned made of vegetable fibers. In contact with water, they absorb any coloring agents, in connection with which there are spots that have already been eliminated will not work.

Carpet Cleaning Options

In winter, the carpet can be cleaned withUsing snow. Expanding the fabric on a flat surface, you need to náměstí it with the help of a broom snow. After some time, all swept away, and the procedure is repeated, if necessary.
You can use the cleansing salt. The carpet sprinkled with coarse salt, which is then swept away with a broom. The last before sweeping should be washed in hot water. As pollution broom can be rinsed separately.
Freshen color dark carpets, you can usetea leaves. For lighter options, this method can not be applied, and it is possible to damage the carpet. The old tea leaves should be wrapped in cheesecloth, wring out and throw on a dirty surface. After about 15 minutes the tea leaves should sweep.
For light cleaning of carpets will suit filings. Waste lumber should be moisten in the liquid detergent of gasoline and scatter over the carpet. After some time, they should sweep the broom.
Good refreshing color of the carpet cleaning with the use ofvinegar. Initially, you need to vacuum the surface of the web. Then, a solution consisting of 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1 gallon of water. The resulting solution should wet the brush, shake off excess water and walk it across the carpet.

Clean the carpet is recommended in the direction of the nap.

Remove the carpet grease stains can be sprinkled themchalk or talcum powder, covered with blotting paper, and then ironing a top iron. Alcohol, citric and acetic acid well with ink stains. These contaminants are removed by alternately cleaning the surface with a cloth soaked in alcohol or acid, and with a cloth soaked in milk.

Pollution of unknown origin, you can try to remove the soap and warm water mixed with a small amount of ammonia.

Whichever of the above methods no cleaning was applied, the carpet must be pre-vacuum to remove most of the existing contaminants (crumbs, pet hair, etc.).

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