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Yellow tea from Egypt: Features

Yellow tea from Egypt: Features

Yellow tea is incredibly popular beverage in Egypt.

All, without exception, welcoming tourists Egyptians tend to drink this tasty and healthy decoction.

Although yellow medicinal drink made from Egyptcalled tea decoction of the word is the most accurate of its characteristics, because it is made not from the tea tree leaves and beans of fenugreek (otherwise also called fenugreek, Chaman, helba, Abish, camel grass, fenugreek) on special technology.

From yellow tea history

Hippocrates in his writings told the world about the wonderful properties of fenugreek. However, tea made from the beans of the plant began brewing much later in China.
Until the XIX century the technology of preparation of teakept under lock and key. Only in the 1830s left the secret recipe of the country and ended up in Russia, and spread throughout Europe, and from there came to Egypt after the Sino-Japanese War.
Now yellow tea is little known in Western Europe,that is likely to be associated with historical events. But despite this, in Egypt preparation technology is widespread, and has found numerous additions.

Healing properties

Egyptian yellow tea is a unique drug of many diseases that is caused by the composition of fenugreek. Physicians are advised to use it:

- As an antipyretic materials-
- For diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, sinusitis, sinusitis) -
- As an expectorant materials-
- For diseases of the female reproductive organov-
- In violation of lactation in breastfeeding women
- When impotentsii-
- In the presence of kidney stones and gall puzyre-
- As a diuretic materials-
- For diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system,
- As a remedy for fatigue and malaise.
And that's not all areas of this wonderful drink.

Taste the quality of yellow tea

Yellow tea from Egypt destroys the stereotype "thathelpful, the tasteless ", because of its nutty flavor and a pleasant aroma are forcing many to love him forever with the first sample. This tea should be drunk slightly cooled down, and put a spoonful of honey instead of sugar.
Also, useful additives are lemon and ginger. Some brewed tea instead of water in the milk, it gives a special flavor characteristics of the beverage.

Cooking method

There are many waysyellow tea preparation. Perhaps the most common of them are the following. The need to fill a small container milled beans, pour 300 ml of water and boil for about 8 minutes. And in order to fully enjoy the unparalleled flavor of yellow tea, prior to boiling can be dry and fry the beans.

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