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Yeast dough on sour cream


Each hostess has her own recipe for pastry. Yeast dough on sour cream is another variation. Perhaps, after trying this recipe, you will stop on it. Very soft and universal dough, at work it is unpretentious. The basis was taken recipe of Japanese milk bread Hokkaido, but with some changes.


You will need

  • - flour - 650 g-
  • - milk - 250 g-
  • - sour cream 150 g-
  • - milk powder - 30 g-
  • - sugar - 80 g-
  • - chicken egg - 1 piece-
  • - salt - 7 g-
  • - yeast dry 5 g or fresh 15 g.



We begin with yeast. They need to be poured with a little bit of warm milk and leave for 10-20 minutes in a warm place, so they give a hat.


Sift flour and mix with sugar, salt, dryMilk. Pour milk, egg, pre-whisked it, sour cream, yeast into the groove of the flour mixture. Knead the dough, if it clings to your hands, you can add a little flour, but do not overdo it. The dough should slightly adhere to the edges of the bowl, after it is suitable, it will be very pleasant to work with it.


Put the bowl with dough in a warm place for 1.5-2 hours. After that, you can make pies. This dough can be kneaded in the bread maker following the instructions to your model (dough mode).

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