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Writes Alexander Marinin

Marinin - known writer not only in Russia

Alexander Marinin - author of popular detective stories. Her biography is full of interesting facts and events.

Popular writer writes under a pseudonym.

Real name - Marina A. Alexeev.

Biographical information

Marinina - a native of the city of Lviv. Fate was such that in his youth she had to move to Leningrad, and later in Moscow. Marinin was versatile child engaged in a music school and gravitated to the law. She graduated with honors from Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Law. And then came the distribution of the Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. He rose to the rank of lieutenant to a researcher. Marinin engaged in the study of the psyche of criminals who committed crimes of a violent nature. In 1986 she defended her thesis. Already in the years of his scientific career woman presented their literary work. This includes 30 scientific papers and a monograph published by the Rome Institute for the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice.

Famous works

The story "Six-winged seraphim" is the first,published in the "Police" magazine in 1991. The story was written in collaboration with a colleague at work A.Gorkin. It was the beginning of literary activity. C 1992 Marinin began producing series of detective novels, the main character who is a detective of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department - Anastasia Kamenskaya. The writer writes not only novels, but the prose works of different genres and play. Most significant for the author's work is "One who knows."

In 1998, with the works of Russian writer met people from other countries, because Marina's books began to be translated into several languages.

Awards and titles writer

Marinin was awarded the Russian Interior Ministry, as athe best writer, to cover all the burdens of work Russian police. In this category were awarded the book "Death for death", "game on a foreign field." In 1998 Marinin became the writer of the year, as her books have been sold to the highest circulation. He received the honorary title in 2006 - "the decade Writer."

Detective stories Marina sold out instantly. This means that the author has captured the minds of thousands of people around the world. People looking forward to her new works.

Several dozen of detective stories formed thefoundation "Kamenskaya" series. It showed not only in the Russian television, but also in Latvia, Ukraine, Germany and France. The main character is so pleased with the viewers that they were looking forward to the continuation of this intriguing story. Anastasia Kamensky became the embodiment of a strong, purposeful women. "Last Dawn" - is a new Marina novel, released in paperback.

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