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How to write the administration classmates

How to write the administration classmates

Write to the administration of "Odnoklassniki" possible by filling in a special form, a link to which is located in the "Help" section.

Users simply go to the home page, and then visit the specified partition.

Refer to the administration of "Classmates" canEach user of this social network, which originated associated with this site question. This support is also provided to those persons by the administration, which are not yet members of the network (ie, do not have a profile), but encountered some problems at the stage of registration. Before applying are encouraged to review the answers to the sample questions that are posted in the "Help" section as often problem is solved without the help of professionals.

How to find the form to refer to the administration of "Odnoklassniki"?

The form for treatment in the administration of"Odnoklassniki" is available in the "Help" section, where you can go directly to the main page of the site. Link "Contact Support" located at the bottom of the page, fill in the form do not need to go on your own page. Registered user has to specify your own login name and surname, age, city of residence, e-mail address, the purpose, subject and text of the address. This contact and personal data must comply with the information that is listed in the profile because it is so user authentication is carried out, asking the question without authorization on the site. Especially true indication of reliable information, which coincides with the information on the page, in the case where the treatment is associated with lost, forgotten data entry.

received treatment in the administration of "Odnoklassniki" What are the issues?

When filling out the form described in the userare asked to select a specific target treatment. Without authorization, you can ask a question on the site associated with the problems at the entrance to their own profile, registration in a social network. If the problem is related to other subjects, the user is able to log into your web page, after which the administration in the form of treatment for other purposes will be available. It is especially important when you send a question to the administration of the social network to check e-mail address is correct, because it is it comes back. With the types of questions to address in the administration is not recommended, because the user will still be directed to the help section, where you can get yourself instructions on how to proceed, quickly find all the answers.

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