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How to write a text plan


How to write a text plan</a>

Ability to draw up a text plan - the basic skill is notOnly for speakers, but also for authors of scientific or term papers, since it is needed solely for the reader to create an idea of ​​the work itself.

However, the variants of this brief recapitulation used for various purposes may differ substantially from each other.



The text for the speaker should not exceedThan the main theses. The worst thing that a speaker can do on stage is to concentrate on a sheet of paper and read the text only from him. To avoid this, the full text of the work is taken with itself, but only its approximate plan. At the same time, it is important to reflect all the main topics so clearly that you do not forget to mention them - it is possible to quote some sentences verbatim. However, it is not necessary to make explanations to specific items, tk. This will allow you to speak "in your own words", which is always much more pleasant for the listener.


The formal plan of the text is made according to paragraphs. This format of work is often practiced as the first stage of analysis in schools and universities, and implies a "short retelling." You should reduce the content of each paragraph to one or two sentences and submit them as separate paragraphs. If the paragraph is large enough, then you can break it into two or even three and present in the plan as several separate digits. If you have a large volume of text (occupying more than seven pages), then, on the contrary, you can reduce the final plan by combining paragraphs. The main criterion is that you should not miss any significant thought of the author of the text.


The plan of scientific work is also called "theses". These are excerpts from the text of your work, but they are not numbered or discrete: you need to create a single text of the specified volume (usually half of the A4 page). Specify, whether the theses of the commission are submitted or will be printed in the collection. In the first case, the formulation of the phrase is permissible: "The answer to this question is the purpose of the work", i.e. You give the committee a solid idea of ​​your project, but do not tell the final conclusions, keeping the "intrigue". On the other hand, if the theses are printed, then this can not be done in any case. They should represent a complete squeeze out of your work - relevance, reasoning, intermediate and final conclusions.

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