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How to write system area

How to write system area

In large companies, any guide to action issued in the form of a memo.

Although this increases the document several times, but allows you to keep control over the activities of employees.

You will need

  • 2 of the paper



Typically, recording journaled in the organizationmemos. He being a calendar year and is numbered consecutively. Before writing the text of the note it is necessary to register in the journal and the title system area corresponding number.


In the upper left corner of the memospecifies the destination indicating position. Surname write in the genitive case. For example, the head of the transport service Kiselev IV It adds the author of the note, or employee, on whose behalf it is made. The most common mistake? the presence of an excuse? on ?. Do not put this pretext, it is not needed here. Simply enter the name of the originator: Head of Logistics Department Peganova AY
Next to the note number, specify the date of its composition. Subject the system area can be, but it is not a mandatory attribute. If the topic is, select it under the number and the date of the note.


The following is the text. Memo? this guide to any action, so it does not weigh down the text with unnecessary detail. Write a substantially clear, unambiguous phrases. Example:? Please deliver for shipment to the central warehouse out of turn on the car provider? Frowns forty ?. The volume of the discharge? 14 t. The item? Christmas bows ?. If you want to receive a report on progress, and indicate this in the text of the system area. Example: Overhead after receiving the goods from the frowns Magpies? please debit to 12-00 15.03.2011. Report on carrying out overhead in the logistics department ?. Following the signature of, always with a transcript. One instance of the system area is the author and filed into a folder, and the second is given by hand to the recipient.

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