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How to write an office


How to write an office</a>

In large companies, any guide to action is formalized in the form of a memo.

This, albeit, increases at times the workflow, but allows you to monitor the activities of employees.

You will need

  • 2 sheets of paper



As a rule, an entry is maintained in the organizationOfficial notes. It is a calendar year and has an end-to-end numbering. Before writing a scrap note text, you must register it in the journal and specify the appropriate number in the header of the scrapbook.


In the upper left corner of the memoIndicates the addressee with the position. Surname write in the genitive case. For example: the head of the transport service Kiselev I.V. Further, the author of the note or the employee on whose behalf it is drafted is indicated. The most common mistake? Availability of a preposition? From ?. Do not put this excuse, here it is not needed. Just specify the surname of the originator: head of the logistics department Peganova A.Yu.
Next to the note number, specify the date it was compiled. The subject of the slave can be, but it is not a required attribute. If there is a theme, indicate it under the number and date of the note.


Then follows the text. A service note? This guide to any action, so do not weight her text with unnecessary details. Write in essence, understandable, unambiguous phrases. Example:? I ask to deliver to the shipment to the central warehouse out of turn the machine from the supplier? Gloomy magpie ?. Volume of unloading? 14 tons. Goods? New Year's bows ?. If you want to get a report on the work done, also indicate this in the text of the service. Example:? Overhead after receipt of goods from the? Gloomy Magpies? I ask to receive payments before 12-00 on 15/03/2011. Are you sure you want to report on invoicing to the logistics department ?. Below is a signature, necessarily with a transcript. One copy of the slave remains with the author and is filed in a folder, the second under the signature is given to the recipient.

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