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How to write the script of the series


How to write the script of the series</a>

The success of the series depends on a good script. No director can take off an exciting action if the actors have nothing to play, and the plot turns are boring and predictable.

To create a really interesting scenario, you need to follow simple rules.



Before starting to create a script,Try yourself in small literary forms. Write a short story with a fascinating story, create a play for the rage of the day. Invite your friends to evaluate your talents, so you will understand how well you get to captivate the audience.


Study manuals for students of scenario departmentsCreative universities. There are detailed descriptions of various nuances that you should know before you start to work, so as not to waste creative energy for nothing.


Decide on the genre of your creation. It can be a melodrama, action movie, family saga, etc. Do not try to grasp the immensity, stay within the genre. For example, do not go into the details of gang warfare if your goal is a script of a ladies' TV series in the spirit of "Desperate Housewives."


Before discussing in detail the subject lines,Write biographies of your characters. It is desirable to describe what you were dealing with. It is not forbidden to use your friends and acquaintances as prototypes. You should know everything about your characters, understand how they would behave in this or that situation.


Create a common scripted outline. According to the classical canons, there must be a tie, twists and turns in it. Tightly twisting the story, remember that any script has an end, and you are fully responsible for the fate of your heroes, who should not suddenly die just because the writer did not have the imagination to complete their love dramas happily.


Make the dialogues alive: Listen to how people talk on the streets. Let the speech of your heroes not be tortured, literary. But do not deprive them of their individuality, forcing them to pronounce formal cues. Think of "branded" words for your characters, make their speech vivid, memorable.


Take for example classical patterns. In the world hundreds of serials are removed. Choose the one that you like and consider it from the point of view of the writer. Find out for yourself, according to what scheme the plot is built, what keeps the viewer in suspense. Use these findings in your work, then your debut will surely be successful.

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