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How to write the exam

How to write the exam

Today, hardly there will be people who are unfamiliar with the acronym USE.

Graduates of Russian schools are familiar with this term with2009. Pass the Unified State Russian citizens and foreign nationals who have completed the Russian schools, persons without citizenship, forced migrants and citizens who have refugee status.

EGE considered in the preparation of the final exam of upper secondary education, it is also when entering the university is the entrance exam.



First of all, important optimistic. Without faith in themselves hardly what you get. But a little inspiration, we need action. Make yourself at every day graph that you prepare for the exam. Be disciplined and do not break the made schedule.

How to write the exam


Plan your daily routine so that trainingexam began in the morning? morning, the highest productivity. Well as part of activities to highlight the time before going to bed. In the afternoon you can take a few hours to complete rest, that knowledge is better? Missed? in my head.


To prepare, buy or find on the Interneta collection of training tasks. Take the time to do them all. You can also enroll in the course of preparation for the exam at the school or buy a training video, write EGE. If you have the operating time for the exam, andthey have virtually all their proshtudiruyte. Some even manage to use their own material during the exam, not considering this crib.


During preparation ensure a correct nutrition. Vegetables, dried fruit, chocolate? products which enhance the effectiveness of the brain.


Before the exam, do not try to engage the whole day, and in any case do not sit on the tests in the last night before EGE. All that was possible to learn, you have already learned. It is better to sleep well, then in the morning you will be full of strength and energy.


After receiving the task in the exam, immediately adjust themselves to the fact that you will be able to pass it well. In fact, until you have successfully passed the exam many means, and you pass it better than them!


Slowly read the tasks, overcome anxiety - and start. Do not forget ? Everything depends on you!

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