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How do they write self-analysis of their own work


How do they write self-analysis of their own work</a>

Self-analysis of their work is based on a qualitative and quantitative comparison of the goals set and the results obtained from the results of this work.

At the beginning of the work, a detailed work plan and forecasting of the desired results are needed.

The purpose of self-examination of their work is to identify the optimal and irrational ways to perform this work, as well as identify ways to optimize this process.



In the beginning of activity it is required to imagineThe desired result is as clear and detailed as possible, and also to plan the sequence of steps required to perform this type of work. This will facilitate the possibility of analysis, allowing it to also be carried out step by step.


When planning to receive a certainThe result of the work must take into account a number of factors that have an impact on the work process, for example: sufficiency of basic knowledge and skills to perform this work, systematic, searching for optimal ways of performing work, etc.


The process of self-examination of the work consists in verifyingCompliance with your stated planning and your own report on the work performed. It is recommended that all positive aspects of the work be systematized so that in the future they become the basis for a new approach to work.


Criteria for evaluation are also important,According to which self-analysis is carried out. The analysis of work usually implies such criteria: effectiveness, quality, timing, performance, etc.


The result of the self-examination of his work isIs the developed optimal plan for the implementation of this particular work, as well as recommendations for a possible increase in its level for more rational performance of a certain type of work. Thus, self-examination of their work allows them to be in a constant process of improving their skills, optimizing their activities, which ultimately increases the value of each employee in the modern labor market.

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