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AS write off the counters

How to write off the counters

Apartment counters in the world today takea very important place. We all know that setting the metering of water consumption or electricity, can significantly save on utility bills.

However, not everyone knows how to properly take readings from meters.

You will need

  • In order to take readings from the metering of consumption of resources, will need:
  • -ruchka or karandash-
  • -paper.



For example, if the device accountelectricity last digit on the right are in no way isolated (eg, separated by a comma or fringed color), the figures are written entirely in kilowatt-hours. If the last digit is highlighted in any way, then it reflects even tenths of a kilowatt-hours. And in this case, the meter reading, this figure is not charged. To pay for electricity each month correctly, you need to keep records, ie, record figures of the previous month, and then the next. From the resulting values ​​need to be taken away that which was in the last month, and then get the amount of electricity that has been spent for the current period.

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With the help of the water meter can even determine whether there is leakage in the apartment. And to make it easy. When the valve is closed in the apartment, the meter needle should remain stationary. Take off testimony a unit of accounting of water consumption is also quite simple.


If the counter with a digital drum sensor, thereadings from it quite a simple matter. Only need to write the numbers appearing in the slot of the drum. And then, just as in the case of electricity meter account, you need to take away from past performance to get. This will be the flow of water for a certain period of time.

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If a water meter with a dial, you need to carefully study it testimony. The large arrow on it indicates tenthscubic meter (one-tenth to 100 liters). A little "responsible" for the whole cubic meters (one cubic meter equals 1000 liters). Accordingly, the inscriptions on the dial and the calculated proportion.

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