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How to write non-owner

How to write the non-owner

The reasons for which there is a desire to write of the property of the one who is not the owner, can be mass.

The most common ? the loss of property rights in connection with the purchase of property or divorce and, respectively, an extract of the former spouse has no right of ownership.

You will need

  • Acting legislation of the Russian Federation, documents confirming the right of ownership.



Firstly? first try to negotiate with those whom you want to write to your space. This option, when a citizen yourself drawn to the passport office with the application for withdrawal of its registration with the registration, would be the least costly both financially and morally for homeowners.


If an agreement could not, for whatever reason, then the output can be only one? contact the court. The judgment on this matter? the only legal solution to the problem.


Already in the court justify the reasons for evicting non-owner. If you are evicted former family member,for example a spouse, property rights which originally had, the right of residence for him retained in any case will not, and you get a court decision in their favor.


If a former spouse has an equal with youproperty rights, in which case the non-owner, he will no longer be here, and one board? separate property, and then there is in my home, you will not see superfluous prescription.


Having secured a court decision in your favor,go with all the documents to the passport office at the place of your residence and hand over these documents. For some time you will get the desired result? non-owner will be removed from the register.

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