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How to write a letter to Santa Claus

How to write a letter to Santa Claus

Even adults with bated breath waiting for the New Year celebrations, which gives time to winter. What can we say about the kiddies, with trepidation considering the remaining days to this magical moment.

Instead of waiting to languish can alreadyin December to do the preparatory process that can not only give the new paint upcoming festival, but also bring a lot of pleasure of kids.

Practical magic

Childhood - it's time to galloping, my lovelynaive, but this belief in miracles without intrinsic to adults skeptical view of things. It is necessary to give the baby to indulge in pleasant dreams, making a message for Santa Claus.
To begin to stock up on creativematerials that require your child to develop the imagination. This can be a colorful and multi-colored paper, and pencils of various colors, and beautiful ribbons for decoration. If the child is too small, you will have to set aside time and help in your endeavors, and properly formulate a thought that the message did not look confused and inconsistent.
Before entering text of the letter, talk tobaby, tell me, what is important to say, and what better not to write, because the children difficult to properly sort out such issues. Explain politely and succinctly express request, but do not get carried away with councils, will give the children's ease. If necessary, write a letter to his arm, allowing the child to take an active part, consider his wishes.
Rules of etiquette must be followed. Do not forget to greet the magic grandfather, to inquire about his health and tell a little about his family, the child and his hobbies decent behavior during the year. Express your desire to detail, but gently, avoid something impracticable. Give Santa Claus opportunity to choose from several options. Vary your message and give it a personality, for example, amounting to a poetic form. How would you not have issued a letter, the principal remains the sincerity, positive attitude and timely dispatch through the postal service - no later than the beginning of winter, so it has had time to date.

At what address to send a letter to Santa Claus

The letter can be sent not only to the Russian SantaClaus, but Santa Claus. Write the first at: 162340, Russia, Vologda region, Great Ustyug- and second - Santa Claus, Joulupukin kamman, 96930 Napapuri, Rovaniemi, Finland. You can also write a letter to Santa Claus in the electronic form and send it to the mailbox.

On Santa Claus helps those who help themselves!

In itself, writing a letter, addressed to thefairy tale character, able to charm, but do not lose your sense of reality. If your child is lucky enough, there is a chance that he will get a response from Santa Claus and a small gift. But think about how many children he sends the request. If we gave you hope your child, try not to let it settle in the shower disappointment. It is better to take care of the execution of a child's dream on their own. Do not be lazy, if there is no real answer, not only to find the right gift, but also to write a couple of lines from the warm face Santa Claus yourself.
Beat the time of delivery of the response messagebeautiful: hide his house, making the search plan understandable to children contravene the scheme to enclose the main presents or, on the contrary, solemnly handed the baby in the most unexpected moment. Give your child the magic moments that strengthen the belief in magic.

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