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How to write from the apartment of man without his consent

How to write from the apartment of man without his consent

Check man out of the apartment without his consent? a complex process that requires precise knowledge of the law.

In this case, it requires clear and compelling evidence that it is necessary and possible to implement.

The law provides for restrictions on the expulsion of minors and those who live in privatized apartment.

You will need

  • The statement of claim, the title documents for housing, documentary evidence to evict people from apartments.



If the apartment is not privatized, indicate inwrit cause eviction. This may be a refusal to pay for utilities or non-payment of the rent for at least polugoda- actions that led to the damage or destruction of premises, a gross violation of the rights and interests of the residents in the apartment, as well as the use of premises for other purposes, such as commercial or industrial purposes.


If the apartment is privatized, then write out from it can only be manWho do not have their own share in the apartment.


Discharged from the apartment of a minor childcan be used only if it is a long time living at a different address, or if he is given the room to stay equal to their living conditions with this apartment. All activities are coordinated with the guardianship.

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