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How to properly write an introduction to the term paper or diploma?

How to write an introduction to the term paper or diploma?

Course work - it is an integral part of the educational process in higher education.

Students write it every semester.

Term paper - this is a preparatory stage for writing the thesis.

However, most students there is a problem with writing administration.



Choosing a theme of research or course work. Consider, first, personal preferences, decide that you more familiar and interesting. Secondly, choose a relevant topic at the time of writing the work.


Before writing the introduction, review relevant literature, read articles, laws, monographs. Build a bibliography.


The introduction should begin with a description ofrelevance of the work. Urgency should be considered in two aspects: practical and theoretical. The amount of this part of the course work - 1, 5 pages, for diploma - from two and up.


Degree of a scientific readiness - is transferred to the list of sponsors who covered your problem, doing her studies. Remember that there are necessary footnotes at the end of the page.


Purpose of the study. Note that it should not deviate from the name and the object and the subject. They need to be linked.


Research objectives. Ideally, each task captures the essence of each paragraph in the work. Make sure to match the theme of the work task.


The object of study - what you are going to explore.


Subject of research - is wider than the object. Item - are properties or characteristics of the object.


The hypothesis of the study - for the defense position.


Methodology - those research methods that were used in the process of writing the work.


The structure - from any titles, chapters composed work.

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