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How to write an essay on Russian language


How to write an essay on Russian language</a>

Again the Russian language - again writing an essay. On the one hand, it's not a tricky business.

Took a book with ready-made essays on a given topic? And write off to yourself on health. Or is it even better? Went to the Internet, searched, chose what you need, and is ready.

Do a maximum of fifteen minutes. But it often happens that they will ask a topic that is not on the Internet.

I decided, for example, to show the teacher creative. Him ? Praise, to the disciples? Another headache.

But there are some simple ways to write an essay on any topic.



Introduction. For the sake of this case, you can even highlight a whole paragraph. And then two. The introduction is better to begin? From afar ?. This will automatically increase the amount of text and show the teacher the comprehensive development of the student. One can touch upon the biography of the author, list some of his merits before the fatherland, or, if there is no merit, stand up for him, arguing that this genius of the literary pen was unfairly underestimated, that contemporaries could not understand the full depth of his thought and the like. However, we must make sure that the author had and what not. Otherwise, you can get into a very awkward position.


Main thought. Here the problem stated in the theme of the essay should be considered. But again you need to write it? On the forehead ?. It should be reduced gradually. Having touched the main problem, make a comparison with another work, the theme of which is similar to the theme of the work. Be sure to write whether you agree with this topic, or not.


Slowly, but surely, we are approaching the denouement of thoseEvents, to which all our attention was drawn. It is worth noting that this is not the final itself, so it will not be superfluous to describe the actions a little, make a small analysis and proceed to conclusion.


Conclusion. Here the whole composition is summed up, the analysis is being completed and there is some kind of moralizing quote on the written mini-work, a small philosophical thought, and everything is ready. Success will not keep you waiting.

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