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How to write an essay on the Auditor


Essay on the Auditor</a>

Every second schoolchild, having received the assignment to writeAn essay on Gogol's comedy "The Inspector General", begins to frantically search the Internet for ready-made samples in the hope of writing down or remaking already written works. The result is an underestimation and criticism of the author.

Write a good essay on the "Inspector" is actually not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

How often do schoolchildren write off essays fromInternet or various questionable sources, get into an embarrassing situation. Spelling and stylistic errors are not so bad. The distortion of facts, the names of characters and the substitution of situations - are often ridiculed and stupid for many students. The "auditor" Gogol in this regard, for some reason, especially "no luck". Every second work is full of commentary: "The topic is not fully disclosed," or "Theme is replaced by another."

How to open a topic

What is a theme? This is what will be discussed in your essay. The theme always has content and scope.
It is important to remember that every topic you choose should be considered in the essay through the prism of the main ideological content of the comedy "The Inspector General".
Take for example one of the mostPopular themes: "Images of officials in Gogol's comedy" The Inspector General ". The key thing for us is the expression "images of officials". We will try to disclose this topic through the prism of the main idea of ​​the comedy, which consists in exposing the bureaucratic-feudal Russia of the 19th century.

What to write in the introduction

In the introduction, we can talk about the historicalThe situation in the period when the heroes of the work lived, the motives that prompted the author to create it, about the place of the work in the writer's work, the choice of the topic can be justified, and so on.
For example: "Gogol's play" The Inspector General "is an innovative work of his time. For the first time in Russian literature, the comedy lacks a positive hero who is the mouthpiece of author's ideas, preaching moral principles and values. The only "true" and "noble" person in the work is laughter. The characters of officials depicted by the writer refer to the same social type and are people who do not correspond to the "important places" they occupy. "

What to write in the main part

1. By whom is represented the bureaucracy (division within the city administration, the service hierarchy from the governor to the ranger of charitable institutions).
2. Interests of officials and their usual occupations (maps, dinners, wine, snacks, breakfasts).
3. Stupidity and narrow-mindedness (Judge Lyapkin-Tyapkin, freethinker, as he read several books).
4. Relation to the service (they all commit official crimes, since they do not perform official duties).
5. Bribery (the usual thing, there is gradation, what rank, what bribe can afford.) The governor says to Derzhi-Morde: "You do not take the rank").
6., embezzlement (not only people are robbed, but also the state, they stole money sent to the church, they are stolen in the hospital, charitable institutions, etc.)
7. Fear of superiors and honorary worship (fear is so great that it forces the governor to accept Khlestakov for the auditor).

What to write in conclusion

The conclusion follows logically from the main partWorks. It draws conclusions about the artistic and social significance of the images created by the writer, determines the place of the work in literature, its aesthetic significance.
For example, "Gogol in his work assertsThe truth about the inevitability of the trial of bribe takers and embezzlers, forgetting about their service and human duty. The characters of officials depicted by the writer represent not only the Russian bureaucracy, but also the "person in general", who easily forgets about his duties as a "citizen of heavenly and terrestrial citizenship". An unnamed city in a comedy is not only a symbol of Russia, but also a symbol of the soul in which vices are teeming. "

The components of a good composition

• The theme of the composition corresponds to its content.
• The structure is observed: the introduction, the main part, the conclusion.
• There are enough arguments and facts for the full disclosure of the topic.
• The work contains quotations-an epigraph-is desirable, but not necessary.
•; Written not by template, living language and does not contain hackneyed phrases.
It is important to remember that an essay always wins if it senses the presence of the author and its non-indifference to the topic.
Write a good essay on the "Inspector" at the veryIt is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance, the main thing is not to be too lazy to read the comedy and try to understand the main issues that the writer was worried about and still are acute for our society. Involve not only the mind, but also make your soul work, and the choice of the topic will come of itself, and work on writing will turn into pleasure.

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