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How to write an essay on the Auditor

an essay on the Auditor

Every second student, having been instructed to write"Inspector" essay on Gogol's comedy begins frantically search on the internet ready samples in hopes cancel or alter someone already written work. The result - a low estimate and critical remarks about the author.

Write good essay on the "Auditor" is actually not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

How often students, writing off the works ofInternet or various dubious sources fall into an awkward position. Spelling and stylistic mistakes - it's not so bad. Distortion of facts, names of characters and replacement situations - very often scoff at and put in the awkward situation of many students. "The Inspector General" by Gogol in this respect, for some reason, especially the "unlucky". Every second essay is replete with commentary: "The theme of incomplete disclosure" or "Subject replaced by another."

How to open a theme

What is the topic? This is what will be discussed in your essay. The theme is always the content and volume.
It is important to remember that each of you chosen theme should be considered in the book through the prism of the main ideological content of the comedy "The Inspector General".
Take, for example, one of the mostcommon themes:. "Images of officials in the comedy of Gogol's" The Government Inspector »» The key for us is the expression "officials of the images." This topic will try to reveal in the light of the basic idea of ​​comedy, which is exposing bureaucratic-feudal Russia of the 19th century.

What to write in the introduction

In the introduction, we can talk about the historicalsituation at a time when heroes lived proizvedeniya- the motives that prompted the author to create works of him- a place in the work pisatelya- can support the choice of themes, and so on. d.
For example: "Gogol's play" The Government Inspector "- an innovative product for its time. For the first time in Russian literature is no goodie comedy, which is the mouthpiece of the author's ideas, preaches moral principles and values. The only "true" and "noble" person in work is laughter. Depicted writer officials characters belong to the same social type, and people are not in accordance with the "important places" that they occupy. "

What to write in the main body

1, What is represented by the bureaucracy (division within the city government, the official hierarchy of the mayor to the superintendent of charitable institutions).
2, the interests of officials and their normal activities (cards, dinners, wine, snacks, breakfasts).
3, Stupidity and limited views (Judge-Lyapkin Tyapkin, freethinker, as read a few books).
4.; Attitude to service (they all commit malfeasance, because they do not perform their duties).
5; Bribery (the usual thing, there is a gradation of what rank, what bribe can afford mayor says Hold-Morden: "Do not you take on the rank.").
6.; Embezzlement (rob not only people, but also the State stole the money allocated for the church, stealing in the hospital, charitable institutions, etc.)
7.; The fear of the authorities and servility (the fear is so great that makes the mayor to take the inspector general for the Auditor).

What to write in detention

The conclusion follows logically from the main bodyworks. As it draws conclusions about the artistic and social significance of the images created by the writer, is determined by the place of works of literature, its aesthetic value.
For example, "Gogol in his work claimsthe truth about the inevitability of the trial of corrupt officials and embezzlers, forget about the service and its human duty. Depicted writer characters officials are not just Russian bureaucracy, but also the "man in general", it is easy to forget about their responsibilities "of a citizen of the heavenly and earthly citizenship". Unnamed city in the comedy - it's not only a symbol of Russia, but also a symbol of the soul, which are teeming with vices. "

Components of good works

•; composing theme consistent with its content.
•; observing the structure: introduction, main part, conclusion.
•; The work is given a sufficient number of arguments and facts for the full disclosure of the topic.
•; The writing contains tsitaty- epigraph - is desirable, but not required.
•; Written not a template, living language, and does not contain the hackneyed phrases.
It is important to remember that the work always wins, if it feels the presence of the author and are not indifferent to the subject.
Write good essay on the "Inspector" at thenot really as difficult as it may seem at first glance, most importantly do not be lazy to read the comedy and try to understand the key issues that troubled writer and still acutely facing our society. Engage not only the mind, but to work hard and make the soul, and the choice of topics will come by itself and work on writing becomes a pleasure.

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