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How to write an essay-reasoning about a book


How to write an essay-reasoning about a book</a>

Composition-reasoning can be difficult to write, there is not enough good knowledge of the material, it is necessary to systematize your own thoughts and try to communicate in a coherent and demonstrative manner your position.

As a rule, the theme of composition-reasoningIs a question, on which it is proposed to think, to speculate and draw conclusions. But before proceeding to reasoning, it is necessary to study in detail the object, i.e. Literary work itself. It's very difficult to make up your mind about what you do not know.
Dating with content, with a storyline, as a rule,Not enough. Author's remarks, the language of the book, insignificant, at first glance, details can explain a lot in the behavior and character of the characters, in the logic of the plot's development.
View the film-screen version, and even more soFilm version "based on" the literary work is also not quite what you need: the director's vision, the features of the cinematic presentation of the plot can greatly change the original author's idea.
After the work is read, the opinion about it has developed, the general impression remains, you can go directly to the question proposed as a theme for the composition-reasoning.

The time displayed in the work

Any product of culture, including a book,Can be correctly viewed only through the prism of the era in which it was created. After all, the author was a man of his time, and his worldview, character, aesthetic and ethical views were formed under the influence of the historical, cultural, social realities in which he existed.

Even if the author is a rebel protesting againstSocial and cultural traditions, it is not a bad idea to study these traditions, at least in general terms, in order to assess and understand what, against what, he actually acted and that he did not like it in his contemporary society.

The position of the author of the work

It is logical to assume that the next step inWriting an essay will attempt to understand the author's position on the given problem. Independently it can be difficult, and critical articles and analyzes written by professionals can help. It is not a bad idea to find several sources that cover the question of interest. In this part of the composition, author's quotations confirming certain conclusions and quotations from the articles of critics will also be relevant.

The position of the author of the work

In the final part of the work the author of the workGives his thoughts about the issue made in the headline. Do this need to be reasoned, explaining what is based on this or that opinion. Arguing, and arguably arguing with the author, it is still worth remembering the point of the first composition and not trying to assess the actions of the heroes and the author's thoughts from the point of view of modern logic and morality, but to try to take into account the customs, customs and conventions that existed in society, o In which the writer was living.
It should be remembered that these societies are far from always identical, for example, if the historical work is subjected to analysis.
In conclusion, a conclusion is drawn and the final answer to the question formulated as the title to the composition is given.

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