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How to write an essay-argument about the book

How to write an essay-argument about the book

Writer-argument write is not easy, there is not enough good knowledge of the material, you need to organize their own thoughts and try to coherently and convincingly state its position.

As a rule, the subject-reasoning worksIt is a question that is proposed and think, to reason and draw conclusions. But before we move on to the reasoning, it is necessary to study the subject in detail, ie literary work itself. It is very difficult to make up your mind about what you do not know.
Meet with the content, with the plot, as a rule,enough. Copyright remarks, language books, minor at first glance, the details can explain much in the behavior and character of the characters, in the logic of the story.
Watching a movie-film adaptation, and the morethe film version of "explanation" of the literary work is not exactly what you need: the director's vision, especially the cinematic presentation of the story can dramatically change the original author's idea.
Once the product is read, it formed the view, the general impression left, you can go directly to the question, proposed as the theme for the works-arguments.

The time displayed in the product

Any product of culture, including the book,It may properly be viewed only through the prism of the era in which it was created. After all, the author was a man of his time, and his outlook, character, aesthetic and ethical views were formed under the influence of historical, cultural and social realities in which it existed.

Even if the author - a rebel protest againstsocial and cultural traditions, good to explore these traditions at least in general terms, to assess and understand, against which he actually performed and that he did not like in contemporary society.

The position of the author's works

It is logical to assume that the next step inwriting essays will attempt to understand the author's position on a given issue. Independently make it can be difficult, and may help critical articles and reviews are written by professionals. Not bad to find a few sources, which highlights an interesting question. In this part of the works would be appropriate and author citations confirming these or other conclusions, and citations of articles critics.

works of the author's position

In the concluding part, the author worksHe leads his reflections on the question posed in the title. This should be done with arguments, explaining what is the basis or that opinion. Reasoning and perhaps arguing with the author should still remember the first item of works and not attempt to evaluate the actions of the characters and the author's thoughts from the perspective of modern logic and morality, and to try to take into account the habits, customs and conventions that existed in the society of the in question, and in which the writer lived.
It should be remembered that these societies are not always identical, for example, if the analysis of historical work is subjected.
In conclusion, a conclusion and give a definitive answer to the question posed as the title to the composition.

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