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How to write an essay-argument

How to write an essay-argument

To write an essay-argument must be very well-versed in the subject on which you are going to write.

In such a work to the fore the ability to highlight main points and draw on their basis of a complete picture of the story.

Study theme

An important step in writing essays, argumentsa detailed study of the topic. You should be very well informed, otherwise it will be impossible to make a reasoned, coherent text. Use books, the Internet and other sources to get the maximum amount of information for the work ahead.

The main thesis

Make important statement around which your arguments develop. The statement should be clear and as specific as possible, avoid vague language.

When writing a text works, you will need to strictly adhere to the specified thesis you. Otherwise, your account will be deprived of logic and integrity.


In the preface to his work title themethe story in general terms, then gradually move on to the presentation of their thesis (approval). You can also write the main stages of your future considerations. Depending on the volume of the total composition, the introduction of the text may take from one paragraph to several pages.

Main text

The main text of your writings should bedivided into several parts, each of which will represent the next stage of the discussion. The transition from one stage to another should be logical and understandable to the reader. Sami reasoning can be built in many different ways, for example, can be used in the text of a large variety of examples (including quotes from primary sources).

Try to write only in the case, do not go away from the basic idea works. If you need to emphasize certain facts, do not do it due to repetition of the same ideas.


Summing up his work, you will need more timego through all its main points, briefly repeat the important stages of the works and show how they fit together. The output should contain the final outcome of your discussions.


When you have finished writing, reasoning works againre-read their work. Check it out for the presence of the logical error in your reasoning. If you find them in contradiction, look for cause-and-effect relationship between the stages of reasoning. Check text on grammar and spelling mistakes, it is necessary for any such work.

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