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How to write an essay


How to write an essay-description</a>

This type of text is designed to convey the characteristic features of an object or phenomenon, make it visible? For the one who will read the text.

You will need

  • Observation, pen, notebook



Write an introduction. If the object description? This is a single subject, name its main function or role in the environment of its existence. If the object? Phenomenon or situation, you can write in the introduction what it is associated with or what attracts attention in the first place.


Think about what exactly makes this object recognizable. It can be its qualitative characteristics or actions that occur cyclically in it.


In accordance with the identification of this characteristicUse to describe the object in the first case? Estimated adjectives, adverbs, figurative expressions. In the second case, these can be timeless verbs that characterize the state of the object at different time periods. Also use the above adjectives and verbs in comparative constructions and complex sentences.


First, describe the most significant featuresObject, and then proceed to the details and details, complementing the image. Describe the basic characteristics to make the object recognizable, and then use the original definitions and comparisons, rather than the stamps that come to mind first. To describe the movement of observer's thoughts, use verbs with a neutral meaning (see, understand, notice, etc.)


In conclusion, describe the object with a short capacious phrase? Indicate what the result is created by the characteristics you named and what it means.

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