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How to write an article in a scientific journal


How to write an article in a scientific journal</a>

Not only students and graduate students, but also venerable scientists often have to publish the results of their research in scientific publications.

The presentation of his thoughts in the form of scientific publication involves a painstaking and thoughtful work.

The text should be built according to certain rules, taking into account the logic and other requirements for publications of this kind.

You will need

  • - source materials for the article-
  • - paper-
  • - fountain pen-
  • - Personal Computer.



Specify the specific requirements for a scientific paper inEdition of the publication, in which you intend to publish your material. They can concern restrictions on the volume, format, way of presenting the material to the editorial office. Separate requirements exist for the graphic materials attached to the article.


Think over the topic of the article. This stage in the writing of the article is very important, since it determines the entire further process of working on the text. In essence, the topic is a brief and concise reflection of the subject area of ​​the study, which determines the terminology and the degree of detail of the reasoning. The specific wording of the topic will determine the style of presentation.


Read the publications directlyRelated to the topic of your future article. So you expand your view of the subject and can absorb the "spirit" of the texts. A deep acquaintance with the problems is also necessary in order to avoid repeating already known provisions and trivial conclusions. Read the scientific texts of famous scientists to master their manner of submitting scientific material.


Determine the volume of the article. It will depend on the requirements of the scientific journal, your knowledge of the subject matter and the goal you are pursuing. A small amount of the article, strangely enough, may require more significant efforts, because you will have to express your thoughts in a very concise and clearly articulated form.


Think through the structure of the article and strictlyAdhere to. Scientific publication, as a rule, includes the introduction, statement of the problem, the theoretical part, the results of practical research, conclusions and conclusions summarizing all the work. Pay special attention to the findings. If the work involved the analysis of a certain phenomenon, then the final result must necessarily be present in the text.


When writing an article, adhere to the scientificStyle presentation. Avoid narrowly specialized jargon, understandable only to a small circle of readers. Try not to use cumbersome constructions from long complex sentences that stretch over several lines. However, short sentences of three or four words also do not make the presentation intelligible.


If there is such a need, supplement the scientificArticle graphical materials explaining your theses. It can be schematic images, experimental photos, visual diagrams. The availability of such materials will give the article a more solid look, which inspires confidence in the content.

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