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How to write an application to the school

Specify in advance the text of the statement and the full name of the school principal

Your child is in first grade?

You will be asked to write a statement on his admission to the school.

You will need

  • paper, pen



If you're a child in first grade ortranslating to a new school, then you definitely need to write an application at the reception. As a rule, the application is written in free form, but maybe there is a special ready-made forms.


The statement is written on the school name one of directorparents or guardians. The text will tell the school office. Example text is as follows: Please enroll my child, Ivan Nikolaevich Ivanov, born in 2003, 1 A class of school №11 from 01.01.2010?. Following signature and full name and date of writing the application.


The application, as a rule, you will be asked to makea certificate of family composition and child health card with recordings made on vaccinations. These documents are needed when you are a child in the first grade. If you plan to leave your child in after-school day care, then immediately write a statement on prodlёnku. It is written as it is, as an application for admission to the school.

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