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How to write an application for substitute teachers

How to apply for a teacher replacement

The requirement to replace teachers - crucial step.

It should only be taken in the case where the impact of other measures are possible.

Statement of teacher replacement is written in the name of the principal.

Preliminary steps

To replace teachers need a good reason. Such reasons, usually two. Or the teacher can not make contact with the class, or he is not competent to give a good grounding in the subject. Talk with other parents. It is possible that they are satisfied with the teacher, and problems arise only in your child. In this case, of course, no one will not replace the teacher, you will have to solve the problem differently - for example, to transfer a child to another class or to another school. In schools, where the practice of individual educational routes, the problem is solved even easier - the child simply selects another teacher. If any individual routes there, and with the teacher of problems have arisen in the vast majority of students, gather the necessary information. These can be individual complaints of parents to teachers, information on poor training of children on the subject, information about the conflicts that the teacher decides with the help of physical force, etc.

Who can write an application

The application for a replacement teacher can write,Of course, any parent. But the document would be more convincing if you collect parents' meeting and take appropriate action. The decision should be formalized protocol. It is better if the statement itself would write chairman of the parent committee, but it can do and the members of the initiative group.

application Form

Rigid forms for such statements not. Since such cases are not so frequent, the director, most likely there are no special forms. Written statement is as follows. In the upper right corner, specify to whom you are applying for - position, surname and initials of the recipient. The name of the institution should specify the way in the registration documents. Below, specify from whom this statement - their surname, name and patronymic in the genitive case, as well as address and phone number. If you write an application on behalf of all the parents and write - "from the parents of students of a certain class." Give the phone number and indicate whose number it is. Stepping back a few centimeters down the middle of the sheet write the word "statement", and under it - the actual text. Look, he may be as follows: "We, the parents of students 6 and class, please substitute teacher of history at such and such a reason." Next, tell us about the facts that prompted you to make such a document. Do not forget to specify the essence of the conflict, the date and names of participants. If the reason for dissatisfaction was the lack of competence of parents indicate on what basis did you come to that conclusion. Sign the application and date. Because uniform requirements for such documents is not, the application can be typed on a computer or write by hand. The first option is preferable, since a printing type document reading much easier. But it needs to be signed by hand.

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