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How to write an appeal and objections to it


The appeal is a document,Which is made by the party to the case (accused, injured, civil plaintiff, defendant, etc.), which believes that the court decision violated their rights.

Appeal appeal is carried out in order to protect these rights and to abolish the unlawful decision of a court that has not entered into legal force.

Only the decisions of the world court can be appealed in the appeal procedure.



The procedural legislation of the Russian FederationThe Federation provides for an appeal procedure, but there is no mention of how the appellate complaint should look like. It is established only that it must be in writing. The complaint is submitted to the world court, which took the initial decision on the case. The magistrate will independently pass it with all the materials of the case to the district court for appellate review.


The writing of an appeal is subject to generalRules of office work. First you need to fill the so-called "cap". In it is necessary to indicate the name of the world court (the number of the court site) in which it is filed, the applicant's information, his procedural position in the case, the address of residence, the data of other parties in the case.


Next, specify the type of document - "appellatea complaint". Then, in a free style & nbsp-state the essence of your appeal. Here it is necessary to briefly describe the essence of the case and the results of its consideration (the decision taken), also indicate the violations (ideally with references to the articles), by whom and when they were admitted. When new evidence appears that can affect the earlier decision, you need to specify them and attach them to the complaint. Next, you should state your "nbsp" request to eliminate the violations committed and to reverse the unlawful decision. & Nbsp-Then sign the completed complaint, put the date of its compilation. The complaint must be signed by the applicant himself (or his representative). If the complaint is signed by a representative, then among other enclosed documents there must be a notarized power of attorney confirming his authority.


Objections to the appeal are written alreadyAfter her admission to court (after giving it to the parties for inspection). The writing of an objection follows the same rules as the writing of the complaint itself. The only difference will be its text, which will describe the circumstances that refute the arguments of the appeal. The objection must be filed in the same court in which the appeal hearing will be held before the first hearing.

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