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How to write an advertisement for renting an apartment

How to write an advertisement for renting an apartment

Rent housing people forced by various circumstances, but find ways to use the same rented apartment.

One of them - to write an ad.

If you are looking for rental accommodation, the ad -the only thing that will make a potential landlords the initial idea of ​​you, so you need to text made a favorable impression and caused the owners a free apartment at least a desire to call you.


Oddly enough, but this is one of the basic conditionswriting a good ad of any content. Grammatical, lexical mistakes, even in such a short text, like an ad, is incredibly annoying and discourage any desire to communicate with the creator of the illiterate opus.
In addition, illiterate text speaks of contempt for even this simple case, like writing ads. Would such a reliable man and careful tenant?
On the contrary, tuned, well-written ad will write it on the most favorable impression of the person.


Report in the ad accurate information aboutMe: Do you want to rent a flat alone, with family or with a companion, if you have pets, etc. You can briefly state in which the price limit you arrange payment for rental housing..
Such information is still to be clarified by the firstthe meeting with the landlord, but telling it in the ad, you will save yourself and your potential host of unnecessary trouble, fruitless meetings and negotiations, and save your people's time.


If you enter into any adYour additional advantages of a tenant - it will be a definite plus. This can be not only a standard phrase "cleanliness, order and timely payment guarantee", but also a promise to make repairs in the room (if you are really able to make it qualitatively), and other services that you are ready to host in the rent, or in addition to it.


Try to accommodate all the necessary information in a few sentences - long pieces of music to read, no one will. Let the better your text is concise and reflect the essence of what you want from a rental housing.


It is believed that humor relieves the tension anda people to himself, but perhaps the announcement of renting an apartment - is not the document where it is appropriate. Not every host wants to hand over his property is too gay, and thus not too serious and thorough tenant.
But you can take the risk: bit of humor may attract to your ad man easier to communicate, which is easier to agree on a rental basis, someone who will not be too harsh in their demands.

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