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How to write an act of nonresidency

How to write an act of nonresidency

Act nonresidency citizen in the living room is made in writing, it marked the date of drawing up the place, the persons present, set out the factual circumstances.

After this act shall be signed by the originator or any other person, a district, a representative of the housing and operational enterprise.

Act nonresidency usually required for recognitionjudicially loss of the right of one of the co-tenants to use the premises provided for the social contract of employment in accordance with Article 60 of the Housing Code. At the same time the existing legislation does not regulate the content and structure of this act, but in judicial practice and daily activities formed a definite idea of ​​how to write the document. Most often, the need to supply the appropriate action in court is required when one family member has lost this status for a long time and do not actually live in the apartment, individual residential building.

Who is involved for making the act of nonresidency?

To correct this writingit is recommended to involve a few neighbors living in close proximity, which will act as witnesses, the district commissioner, who will be able to confirm the accuracy of the information contained in the act. In addition, official and more important act give part housing organization, the head of which can put their own signature on this document is to assure the seal. Himself an employer interested in drafting this act, must also sign it.

As indicated in the act of nonresidency?

The purpose of this document is to fix,confirmation of the actual nonresidency in a residential area of ​​a particular person for a long time. That is why after specifying the required details in the form of space, the record date, the name of the document should simply set out the factual circumstances that a particular person with a particular date does not live at that address, and his whereabouts are unknown.
There must be listedpresent in the preparation of an act of individuals to indicate their status, if needed - passport details, address and other details. After that, the document signed by all parties, including the employer concerned is transferred to the assurance of housing and operating company. At this writing act on nonresidency completed, you can use it as one of the proofs when applying to the court a statement of the corresponding requirements.

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