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How to write an act of non-living


How to write an act of non-living</a>

The act of non-residence of a citizen in a residential building is made in writing, it marks the date, place of drawing up, present persons, factual circumstances are stated.

After that, the act is signed by the originator, other persons, the precinct officer, the representative of the housing maintenance company.

The non-residence act is usually required for recognitionIn the judicial procedure for the loss of the right of one of the co-owners to use a dwelling provided under a social employment contract in accordance with Article 60 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the current legislation does not regulate the content and structure of this act, however, in judicial practice and day-to-day activities, there was a definite idea of ​​how to write this document. Most often, the need to file a suit in court is required when one of the family members has lost this status and for a long time actually does not live in an apartment, an individual residential building.

Who is involved in the drafting of the non-residence act?

For the correct writing of this documentIt is recommended to involve several neighbors living in close proximity who will act as witnesses, a district commissioner who will be able to confirm the reliability of the information stated in the act. In addition, the official nature and the greater importance of the act will give the participation of the housing and operational organization, whose head can put his own signature on this document, assure him of the seal. The employer, who is interested in drawing up this act, must also sign it.

What is indicated in the act of non-living?

The purpose of this document is to fix,Confirmation of actual non-residence in a residential area of ​​a particular person for a long time. That is why, after specifying the required details in the form of the place, the date of drawing up, the title of the document, it is simply necessary to state the actual circumstances that a certain person from a specific date does not live at the given address, and his whereabouts are unknown.
It is mandatory to listPresent at drawing up the act of persons, indicate their status, if necessary - passport data, addresses of residence, other requisites. After that, the document is signed by all the persons present, including the interested tenant, transferred for certification to the housing maintenance company. This completes the drafting of the act on non-living, you can use it as one of the proofs when you apply to the courts with a statement of the relevant requirement.

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