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How to write about your family


How to write about your family</a>

My family "is one of the most popular topics of school essays, but besides the school in life situations arise when it is interesting and interesting to talk about loved ones.



The general definition.
It is necessary to find an accurate and capacious definition, withWhich begins any narrative. For example: "Our family is friendly, athletic, creative, proud of its traditions". This is the core of the future description, a thought that will need to be developed. In this block it is good to talk about what the family likes to do when relatives get together. You can talk about beautiful family Sunday meals. You can tell how relatives like to play together in lotto or quizzes or go to the forest for mushrooms. Even the most traditional kind of leisure - eating in front of the TV, demonstrates that the family is cohesive, with strong emotional ties. Gastronomic habits can be played with humor, and the lunches described in such a way that the reader will run salivating.


About relatives sincerely.
The idea of ​​a traditional family (parents andChildren living together) has now significantly expanded. A family can have one parent and one child. The head of the family clan is grandmother. A father can be a Sunday father and live with another family all the time. In the province, parents often leave their children in the care of their grandparents, and they themselves leave for another city to work. It makes no sense to embellish and impart something. The main thing in the description of the family is to show respect and love for your loved ones. The best intonation is sincere warmth. No one has to live by the pattern!


Whose heritage?
Sometimes, if you need a detailed essay, you canTell which of the relatives is closer in spirit, whose habits and hobbies have had the greatest impact. For example: "My mother taught me to cook, and my father - to understand the technology." Or: "Everybody says that I look like my grandfather, I feel it myself, because I like drawing, too." It is very important to show not only horizontal emotional ties, but also vertical ones, to designate a connection with the genus. Therefore, in the description of the family can be weaved and family myths, legends, but only poetic and positive.


This block can complete the description of the family. Describe a thing that belonged to one of the ancestors, to explain what place this button, dagger, photograph, ribbon in the house occupies. Where is it stored? What memories are associated with it? Ideally, if the subject is visually easy to imagine, so that the reader has a sense of presence. For example, "In these silver earrings my grandmother got married. She believed that these first earrings were the happiest and favorite. After all, my grandfather gave them with love. And they brought her family happiness, beautiful children and loving her grandchildren. "

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