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How to write about your family

How to write about your family

My family "- one of the most popular works of the school, but the school except in life there are situations when it is necessary to tell about the family fun and exciting.



The general definition.
We need to find a precise and comprehensive definition, withwhich any story begins. For example: "Our family friendly, athletic, creative, proud of its traditions." This is the core of the future to describe the thought that it will be necessary to develop. In this block, well talk about what the family likes to do when relatives come together. You can talk about a beautiful family Sunday lunch. You can tell how relatives together like playing bingo or quiz or go into the woods for mushrooms. Even the most traditional form of entertainment - the food in front of the TV shows that close-knit family with strong emotional ties. Gastronomic habits can beat humor and dinners described so that the reader will run salivating.


About relatives sincerely.
The concept of the traditional family (parents andchildren living together) has increased significantly today. Family can be a single parent and a child. The head of the family clan to be a grandmother. The father may be Sunday the father and constantly live with another family. In the provinces, parents often leave their children in the care of her grandmother and grandfather, and themselves go to another city for work. It makes no sense to embellish something, and fib. Important in the description of the family - to show respect and love for their loved ones. Best intonation - a genuine warmth. No one is obliged to live by the pattern!


Whose heritage?
Sometimes, if you want a detailed essay, you cantell who is a relative closer in spirit, whose habits and interests have the greatest impact. For example: "My mother taught me to cook, and my father - to understand the technology." Or: "Everyone says I look like my grandfather, I do feel it, because I also love to draw." It is important to show not only emotional connection horizontal, but also vertical, mark the connection with the family. Therefore, in the description of the family can weave and family myths, legends, but only poetic and positive.


This unit can complete the description of the family. Describe the thing that belonged to one of their ancestors, to explain the place occupied by this button, dirk, photography, ribbon in the house. Where you store? What memories are associated with it? Ideally, if the subject is visually easy to imagine that the reader the feeling of presence. For example, "In these silver earrings, my grandmother married. It is believed that these first her earrings - very happy and loved. After my grandfather gave them with love. And they brought her family happiness, beautiful children and loving her grandchildren. "

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