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How to write a work plan

Writing work plan - a creative process

To create a good working plan should be a certain way to train your thinking.

Such efforts pay off quickly, because a thoughtful plan of work leads to the goal by the shortest route.

You will need

  • Notepad, organizing skills



Sketch on paper the specific purpose for which the plan is made. Goals in writing to acquire special clarity. Make several formulations of goals and choose the best of them.
If you do not have clear objectives, think about the problems,that you have encountered. And try to find the causes of these problems. If the work plan will be aimed at the elimination of these reasons, you will cope with the problems.
For example, you are concerned about the problem of poorcustomer service in your organization. Polls have shown that the reason lies in the inability of some employees of the company to cooperate with each other. You can set a goal - to train staff interaction.


Make a list:

a) In what ways do you intend to deystvovat-

b) the resources required for each orienta-

c) what responsibilities should be carried out in every direction.
Your list might look something like this:

a) conduct a role play with the staff of the typical situations in which customers are kompanii-

b) the leading role play, 2 hours time pomeschenie-

c) talk to customers and make a listunwanted situations for them to develop a plan for role-playing games, to agree with the direction of time, to ensure the attendance of employees, to develop the company's internal standards for quality customer service.


Predict possible outcomes. For example, employees of the company will put into practice the interaction of the skills learned in the game environment. Accordingly, the company's customers will be served by the new standards, and the feedback will show their reaction.


Make a work schedule. It should include the action list of the execution time. Please note that some activities may be conducted in parallel with each other to save time.

Work schedule is conveniently stored in a diary


Determine who and how willmonitor the implementation of the work plan. Be sure to evaluate the plan be executed in accordance with the goals set at the 1st stage of planning. Do not forget about the system of promotion in the event of success, even if you were a work plan for yourself. Such an approach will inspire you to further planning.

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