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How to write a word of thanks to the teacher in verse

How to write a word of thanks to the teacher in verse

Nearing the last call, which means that it's time to come up with greetings for teachers.

In order not to lose face in front of the teachers and make a memorable edition, prepare for a good poems teachers.

What to talk about

Last call - a holiday at the same time funand sad. After students have grown up and have to say goodbye to their teachers. Of course, the focus of congratulations have to do it on gratitude. You have been given education, we learned a lot and made a great contribution to your future. Be sure to mention the fact that even school children and end, about their favorite teachers they will never forget.

Verses from the Internet

Today, the problem is to findbirthday poems for every occasion of life is not there. You can easily find the right line to you on the Internet or special collections of congratulations. But remember, that is widely available, can be used by many, and therefore loses its value. Agree, it will be ugly, if different classes to congratulate their teachers the same verse.
Believe me, even if you use the Internet inas the source of his inspiration, we can do it subtly and efficiently. Spend some time searching for poetry and not grab the first available. In addition, you can improvise by combining into one quatrain lines from different greetings. In this case, even if you repeat the congratulations of his comrades from another class, it may not be so noticeable.

own masterpiece

If you are lucky, you can compose a poem forteacher yourself - do it without hesitation. Here your imagination and can appear, and the knowledge of the teacher. It is always visible when the poem was written for some special person. Feel can praise your favorite teacher for his kindness, parental care and skill in time to show rigor. And even if in some places rhyme, it may not be quite perfect, do not despair. Remember that it is always pleasant to receive a gift made with their own hands, but from the heart. Believe me, the poems of your own works touched the hearts of the teachers are much stronger than any, even the most ideal.

What to write is not

Sometimes what may seem original orlogical to you, will sound pretty disappointing for others. For example, if you love books more than the Russian language, do not rejoice in the fact that in the final year of Russian lessons finally ended, and he was replaced by a long-awaited literature. The teacher may think that you are happy that it got rid of the boring subject, and instead experience the joy of your poems disappointment. Be careful.

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