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How to write words of gratitude to the teacher in verse


How to write words of gratitude to the teacher in verse</a>

The last bell is approaching, which means it's time to come up with congratulations for teachers.

In order not to strike the dirt in front of the teachers and make the release unforgettable, prepare good poems for the teachers.

What to talk about

The last bell is a cheerful holidayAnd sad. After all, the students have already grown up and must say goodbye to their teachers. Of course, the emphasis in congratulations should be made on gratitude. You were educated, taught a lot and made a great contribution to your future. It is also necessary to mention that even though the children finish school, they will never forget about their favorite teachers.

Verses from the Internet

Today, the problem is to findCongratulatory poems for any event of life simply do not exist. You can easily find the right lines for you on the Internet or special congratulations. But remember that what is widely available can be used by many, which means that it loses its value. Agree, it will be ugly if different classes congratulate their teachers with the same verses.
Believe me, even if you use the Internet inAs a source of your inspiration, you can do it subtly and productively. Spend some time searching for poems and do not grab the first ones. In addition, you can improvise by combining in one quatrain lines from different greetings. In this case, even if you repeat the congratulations of your comrades from another class, this may not be so noticeable.

Own masterpieces

If you are lucky, and you can write poems forTeachers - do it without thinking. Here, your imagination and knowledge of the teacher can manifest. It is always obvious if a poem is written for a certain person specially. Feel free to praise your beloved teacher for his kindness, parental care and ability to show strictness in time. And even if in some places the rhyme may not be perfect, do not despair. Remember that it is always more pleasant to receive a gift made with your own hands, but from the heart. Believe me, the poems of your own work will touch the hearts of teachers much stronger than any, even the most ideal ones.

What you should not write about

Sometimes what may seem original orQuite logical to you, will sound quite offensive to others. For example, if you like literature more than the Russian language, do not rejoice that in the final class the lessons of Russian are finally over, and they have been replaced by long-awaited literature. The teacher may think that you are happy that you have got rid of his boring subject, and instead of joy will experience disappointment from your poems. Be careful.

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