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How to write a statement to the police officers


How to write a statement to the police officers</a>

If you received the writ of execution as a result of the trial, you need to go with him to the bailiffs.

But those who have never faced such a situation, poorly imagine how to properly write a statement and contact the bailiffs.

You will need

  • - performance list-
  • - information about the debtor-
  • - power of attorney.



The application to bailiffs is drawn up onThe basis of the federal law "On Enforcement Proceedings" (you can read it with him by clicking on the link at the end of the article). In accordance with this law, you can identify a number of basic requirements for writing a document. First, you must indicate in the letter the full details of the bank account, to which the payment will subsequently be transferred. If you want to receive a money order by mail, you must specify the appropriate address.


Begin the application to the bailiffs with a fullThe name of the unit you are applying to. Below is the information about yourself and about the debtor: name, surname, patronymic and address. If the debtor is an organization, indicate its taxpayer identification number. In order not to have problems with the fact that bailiffs can not contact the debtor, you should write as much information about this person or organization as possible. You have the right to specify the debtor's phone number, fax, information about his bank accounts, etc.


The main part of the application begins with the requirementAccept the writ of execution (put his number). Write to what business this enforcement sheet relates, and who is on the court verdict by the claimant, and who is the debtor. Specify the amount of money that the debtor must pay. It is better to sum the sum in parts: how much for compensation of damage, how much for refund of state duty, how much for expenses for a representative person (lawyer), etc.


Make a list of documents that are attachedYou to the application. These documents must become mandatory: the writ of execution (indicate how many paper sheets it contains) and a copy of the representative's power of attorney, if he himself forms the application. Put date and signature.


Bring the application to the Chancellery of the CourtBailiffs in your area and wait for notice. Prepare a copy of the document so that you are stamped on it, confirming the fact of the application. Within 2-3 days, you will be appointed bailiff.

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